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Through the Open Door


Through the open door, adventure awaits

You can fly with your new fairy wings

Soar through the sky, into fantasy’s gates

Play with elves, nymphs, and a unicorn that sings


Through the open door, anything can happen

You can run as fast as a cheetah does

Or find a friendly centaur to take campin’

Ever want to step inside a beehive and listen to the buzz?


Through the open door, that’s where you witness the magic

Climb a great sycamore with the squirrels and chipmunks

See a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly is a great trick

Have you ever played with an otter that has such spunk?


Through the open door, you can decide what to do or where to go

You can even decide to be someone or something new

Want to help the sun rise or help a great river flow?

Dance with a dinosaur or live in a tree, there’s nothing you can’t do



***photo taken last year, at Ridge Run***



All Lives Matter

S7300940 (800x600)

With everything that has happened in our country, one would think there would be some unification. Instead, there seems to be more division than ever. The level of violence, intolerance, and hatred makes me both sick to my stomach with grief and so very angry. We are Americans, we should start acting like what a true American should be, instead of what we’ve become. This statement is about our country as a whole, I do realize there are many individuals that show the level of love, compassion, integrity, and honor that many expect, but not nearly as many demonstrate.

Some preach things like, “Black lives matter” or “Gay lives matter.” You know what? They most certainly DO matter. The things that people do to one another simply because they don’t like one’s color, religion, political views, sexual orientation, and so on is sickening. It is downright awful that people assault, rape, vandalize, and more in the name of “their people”. We are in a country where we are supposed to be free to be who we are, but how free are we really if we have to fear for our lives for being true to ourselves? We don’t have to like everyone, but we should at least be respectful and decent to one another. It is possible to co-exist.

Why do we feel the need, as the human race, to tear one another down? Why, since the beginning of time, have we felt the need to control, dominate, and do whatever it takes to get what we want, no matter who we hurt? Why do we pick a race of people and say they’re either inferior or superior? Why do we attack others for believing in something other than what we do? Why? And why do we have to continue to divide, among our own citizens and throughout the world?

I am one that will never pick one group and think they’re better or worse than another. I will not put them down or attack them. I will not put another down for having different views or faith. I am human and I am not perfect, but I will do my best to love everyone, regardless of color, faith, political views, etc. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, etc. What matters to me is how you treat me, treat those I love, those around you. If you show me respect, I will do the same for you. There are many out there who feel the same way that I do and to you, I tip my hat. Let us stand together and show everyone that love’s power is infinite and our voices can be heard. Let us continue to show love in the face of adversity, compassion in places where it seems to have vanished, and kindness to even those who hard to be nice to.

Let us show the world that ALL lives matter, that the senseless violence needs to stop. Let us show the world that we don’t need to hurt those who are different from us. You can be who you are and be accepted, loved. I get why some say things like, “Police lives matter.” They’re simply standing up for a group of people that have been wronged. I loathe all senseless violence. I respect the views people have and do stand on the side of making things right. It’s just that for me, I think separating people into groups is causing more division, instead of banding us together. So, I will continue to say,”ALL LIVES MATTER!” Let love be the force that is heard today, showing others that we do matter and that coming together is what we need to do, not drift further apart.

Here & There


So I know this community is made up of people from all over the world and I’m curious to know where you’re all from.

So, today I’d like to ask you this, where are you from and what are some things that your home country is known for? 🙂

I’m from the United States and more specifically, live in the state of Wisconsin. The United States is known for many things, one being our major sporting events such as The World Series for baseball and The Superbowl for American Football. They say baseball is America’s favorite past time. 😉 Wisconsin is known for cheese, beer, the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, having the first Marcus Theater, and being the Badger State.

So, now tell me, what about your beloved home would you like to share? 🙂

Taking A Stand Against Hate


This morning on my way to work, I began thinking about the poem I wrote and shared yesterday. It isn’t just religion that divides us. It saddens me that we discriminate, judge, and treat others harshly at all. At the end of the day, we’re all human. Should it really matter what color we are, whether we’re male or female, whether we’re young or old, what side of town we’re from, what country we’re from, what religion (if any) we choose to follow, how much money we make, what our sexual orientation is, who we voted for, what we wear, and so on? It’s sad that people have to worry about colors they wear because gang members might hurt you or even kill you over it because they think you’re from an “enemy clan”. Just because a kid wants to pray, they might get beaten up. In some countries, you get killed for what you believe, for wanting an education, or for even wanting to do things differently than they want you to.

I was always taught to believe that I am not any better than another person. No one is perfect and no one has the right to judge another and religion had nothing to do with those beliefs. My mom isn’t religious at all, but she still taught me to be respectful and kind. The sad thing is people take judgment into their own hands, some even claim it’s in the name of their higher power that they do what they do, that they were called to smite others. I have far from given up on the human race, for I know there is still much good in us. It’s just disheartening to think about how much evil there is in us as well. I wish this world was much kinder than it is. We don’t have to agree with one another or even say that we’re “cool” with how people live, but we certainly do not need to kill one another over our differences. We also do not need to bully one another over it either. We’re all entitled to have our own opinions and if you wish to speak them, do so, but then it would be wonderful if people could leave it at that.

I am not a fool and don’t believe just by wishing it so that it will become that way, but I can wish for it anyway. I can also do my part by doing what it is I want to see from others. I don’t agree with a lot of things and I will tell people how I feel, but I will still extend my hand in friendship and offer compassion. We will never win over the world with war and violence, those who think so are sorely mistaken. I will continue to live my life helping others when I can, being kind, and loving with all I have. I know I am only one person, but they say one person can change the world. Luckily too, I know I am not the only one who feels the way I do. Let’s continue to break the barriers of hate down, not by judging, sitting on our pedestals…no, that only causes more hate. No one is holier than thou and it’s time to stop acting as such. (that is why many boycott religion by the way, because they’re chased away by judgmental behavior.) Stand on level ground with others and watch what the power of kindness and love can do. 🙂 

Aye, what was that you said?

Just a moment ago, I decided to close my eyes and forget what I could see and instead let my ears tell me what surrounds me. This is what I found:


Below us, just down the hill are train tracks that carries both Amtrak trains and freight trains throughout the day. With my eyes closed, I heard it’s whistle clear as day…..


I could also hear people driving by and as I live off a busy road, it’s been pretty much a constant flow of traffic, at least no one has been bumping the bass so loud I could feel it!


My grandma has been napping and my oh my sometimes she snores so loud that my ears are begging for relief. 😉


As I mentioned earlier, I live off a busy road and so we also get a lot of people walking, biking, jogging, skating, and even dancing by. I have heard children’s laughter, dogs barking, and many voices I couldn’t place a face to.


Tick tock goes the clock! My how time flies…..


Drip, drop, oh what a sound each little bead of water makes upon our metal sink….

It’s amazing what one hears when the brain is focused on sound alone. It’s kind of neat to close one’s eyes for a little bit and listen to the world around you….

Find the beauty within



Seeing one’s own beauty and worth can be difficult. The world around us is good at making us feel like we’re less than what we should be. If you lose weight, get your breasts done, wear make-up, wear clothes that flatter your curves, talk the way people want you to talk, get the job people expect you to have, gain weight in some cases, befriend those high on the popularity throne, and simply put…do as your told, then maybe, just maybe you’ll be worth something, be found beautiful/handsome, get where you want in life. So many people spend so much time trying to please others, trying to be what others want them to be, even though it violates their very core. There is so much fake now a days. It’s become hard to see the true beauty in those around us, in ourselves.

It’s not wrong to want friends, acceptance, to be loved, to want to find our soul mates, or to want people to be proud of us. However, when we lose ourselves to achieve any of this, then that’s when we have violated the natural order of things, committed a crime against ourselves. Deceiving others in the name of anything is just wrong. It’s just so hard to not give in sometimes though, is it not?

That beautiful girl, if I just change who I am, she will be mine. She is so intriguing, lovely, intelligent, and wonderful. Surely sacrificing my integrity, morals, and interests is worth it, right? If I can hold her in my arms, all will be well, right? That dream job, making it big, all they want me to do is become someone that can sell records and to do that, I just have to change everything. But then, I will be rich, famous, everyone will know who I am, and I will get to be on stage, where I belong. So, it’s a small price to pay at the end of the day, right? If I lose weight, change the way I dress, and pretend not to like school, then maybe the boys at school will notice me and the girls will stop teasing me. It’s hard going home at night, crying because I am never invited to the parties and never asked out on a date. I don’t really like those girls, but I’d rather be one of them than all alone. 

The world around us expects us to be a certain way. Do this or do that and we will all be accepted, loved, adored, noticed. Don’t be comfortable in your own skin, that’s just not right! Be like me and you’ll be cool! Be you and be shunned!!! I know that’s not true of everyone. I know there are a lot of people out there who accept another for who they are, but there are so many out there who don’t.

I urge you to find the beauty within. Change isn’t always bad, it just depends on the change and why you’re doing it. I want to lose weight, but not because the media says I’m fat. I don’t care if I look like a model or can wear a size two anymore. I simply want to be healthy, toned, able to keep up with my 10 year old son. I want to know what I am putting into my body is good for me. I want to take care of the vessel that God gave me. I will do it naturally, as I have been. There won’t be pills, diet fads, starving myself, etc. I have been trying to eat healthier, workout, park further away on purpose just to get some exercise, etc. I joined bowling league, two of them. I am doing this for me and my health, not for a guy or for anyone else. 

If you want to change your wardrobe, weight, job, appearance, etc, do it for you. If your main reason(s) for change is to please others, re-evaluate things. To have another’s true acceptance anyhow, you need to be you or you will forever wonder if they like you for you or something else. Living with doubt is not fun and really not necessary. Be true to yourself and the right people will accept you. Those who don’t accept you don’t need to be a part of your life.

Again, find the beauty within, both inside and out. Love who you are and let that confidence show. I have been told for years that confidence is a huge turn on, as long as it doesn’t become conceit. Those who constantly put themselves down aren’t going to get the attention they want, not going to get where they want to be. Clinging to pity isn’t healthy either. Find a way to hold your head up high. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re worth something, no matter how others treat you. Show your talents, find a way to use them. Be proud of your abilities: Drawing, sculpting, singing, writing, driving, cooking, cleaning, raising a family, sewing, designing, playing a sport, playing an instrument, being a good listener, taking care of animals, and so on. We’re all good at something and even the things that often get overlooked are important. Being good to those around you is a talent so many people don’t possess and even more don’t value it. Whatever your talent(s) might be, use them for good and let yourself shine. Let your vibrant light shine.

I try to find beauty in everyone, even those that are so hard to find it in. We’re all here for a reason, all have worth. I sometimes get laughed at for those I befriend. I don’t hang out with anyone just to up my cool points. If you and I have a connection, if you’re a good person, if you mean something to me…then it doesn’t matter what anyone around me thinks. And of the people I just don’t like, I still try to see them as God would. They are worth something, perhaps not much to me, but to God and to others. Putting others down doesn’t lift me up. I am going to keep trying to see the beauty, even when it might be so hard to see.

I know my worth. For years, I had very little confidence in myself. I have been scolded for putting myself down, for being too hard on myself. It’s taken years to see my own beauty. Kids at school made me feel ugly, stupid, unimportant, and unworthy of friendship. I let them determine my worth. I am now strong enough to see past what others think. I see myself as a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I have a compassionate and loving soul who wants those around me to be happy and successful and when they’re not, I do what I can to help, even if it’s just being someone to vent to. I am a talented writer, always with room for growing and improving, but talented none the less. We can all grow and improve, can we not? There is no such thing as being the best, in my opinion, because even “the best” can improve. I am a talented singer and photographer. I am great with details, planning, and organization. I am worth a lot, to others and finally to myself.

Do you see your worth? I hope that you do and if you struggle with it, I pray that you find a way to overcome any doubts you have. Your view of yourself is in your control. If you feel someone has it other than yourself, you need to drop that illusion. Take that “control” back. Each of you reading this is worth a lot, whether you believe it or not. I encourage you to compliment yourself. Do it every day, the more you do, the easier it will be for you to believe it and spread that kindness to others. Let us encourage confidence and kindness.

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