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The Four Letter Word


Today’s topic is what many from where I live call the four letter word. I live in Wisconsin and if you’re from here or even visited, you know that one thing we’re known for is cold winters. They do call the city where our football team plays, The Frozen Tundra. 😉 Some absolutely love winter, the cold, and snow. Some like to ski, snowboard, go sledding, ice skate, etc. Though, there are those of us who are not terribly fond of the white stuff. Shoveling, driving in it, and just looking at it after awhile gets old. 😉

Snow is something I have grown accustomed to, as I have lived with white winters my entire life. My personal opinion of the cursed stuff is that it looks beautiful on tree branches and hey, one must have it on Christmas Day. However, I grow very tired of looking at it fairly quickly. I don’t like the snow, ice, slush, and cold weather. I don’t like the darker days. Snow, blech! I often joke around saying that I was born in the wrong state. Some would say to me, ” Why don’t you move?” Well, it’s not so simple to pack up your life and just leave. When your family, friends, and all you’ve ever known is here, it is difficult to truly imagine living anywhere else. I am a Wisconsinite, through the rain, sleet, and snow.

I do think it can be fun for many too and wouldn’t begrudge anyone for enjoying it. Watching kids build snow forts, have snowball fights, make snow angels and snowmen, and just enjoy the wintry days is refreshing. I know too that there’s a place for everything. The earth needs its time to rest and rejuvenate, so then when spring comes, we’re ready for rebirth and renewal. We may complain about the snow and cold in the meantime though. 😉

Since I do live here and endure it every winter, I do try to make the best of it. I look out the window when snow is gently falling and find beauty in it. I like to watch the few creatures who brave our cold beauty frolic in the snow. I do look forward to taking my young daughter sledding and building our snow masterpieces. There’s fun to be had and beauty within it, if we take the time to see it. Even if snow isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer warmer weather, try to see snow’s place in the world around us and appreciate it for the good it brings.

I’m Ready For Spring


Spring may only be weeks away

Yet it feels like winter is here to stay

I’m trying to be happy about this snowy season

But I’m having difficulty finding even one reason


The cold air makes my skin so very dry

It’s become cracked & so painful that I want to cry

I got my snow on Christmas Day

Now I beg of you winter, please go away


I slip on the ice, my body feels frozen, & the roads become slick

Not to mention that this when it’s the easiest for me to get sick

The sun doesn’t come out nearly enough to play

Causing me to feel more tired, depressed, & resentful of these skies of gray


I know there’s always a rhyme and a reason for each season

But my body has declared that winter’s long stay is treason

Spring, oh where for art thou, won’t you come home?

So that upon green grass & beautiful flowers I might roam


I want to see the season of rebirth, feel the joy of life anew

To sit beneath a tree with its leaves of green, drinking iced tea & eating honeydew

Bask in the sun as we walk our puppy so that she may play in it all day

For your swift return oh spring, I do humbly pray


No I am not going to move far far away

For there are reasons I feel the need to stay

And don’t tell me not to complain about the cold

Surely you know I won’t then do as I’m told


It’s true that then when summer makes its debut

And the days become too hot & humid, I’ll complain about that too

But that’s only because the extreme either way takes its toll on my body

Though when all is said and done, I really do appreciate all of nature’s beauty


The snow, the ice, the changing of the leaves, the sun, the wind, & the rain

They’re all needed, it’s just that after awhile, each can become a pain

And right now, that is what winter has become to me

A pain for my skin, my lungs, my joints, most especially my back & knees


I know that you have your place winter, that there’s a reason you exist

But, it’s nearly your time to go, of this I strongly insist

Let my body thaw, mind rejuvenate, and heart rejoice

In the coming of spring’s most wondrous & melodious voice

Ivory Beauty


Looking out my window on this cold wintry night

I see our quiet little street covered in a sea of white

So pure is its frozen beauty

Come quickly, tell me what do you see?


The only movement is the wind blowing in the trees

And my how beautiful they are covered in ivory

While the road remains still & silent

I feel at ease and for once not so defiant


For you see, generally when this weather comes

Depression hits and the more restless I become

Yearning for the world to be warm, beautiful, & green

But looking outside right now, I find there’s still beauty to be seen





Winter Can Be Kind Of Swell


Through the wind and the freezing rain

It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the pain

My knees are crying out to me

It would be best for us to rest, can you not see?


Tis the season when Bronchitis stalks me

I beg with all my might for it to flee

But like a stubborn child unwilling to submit

It decides it’s going to be something of a twit


Soon the snow will be here for a long unwanted stay

Though I ask it politely to leave, it won’t go away

Get out the shovels, coats, hats, gloves, boots, & snowbrushes too

Make way for slick roads, icy sidewalks, cold days, and say hello to the flu


Oh but it’s not as bad as I make it seem

See how upon the trees the snow gleams?

There’s sledding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and forts to build as well

Sometimes I admit, I suppose winter can be kind of swell


Reading a book all curled up under my favorite fuzzy blanket

And watching the Packers play on our awesome television set

Hot meals, hot cocoa, a warm fire, Christmas, and some cuddling too

It’s not so bad when I remember I get to spend it with you






Ode To the Four Seasons

Sometimes I complain about the weather

For a little while, it’s too hot

Though in reality, it’s not the heat

It’s the humidity that has me beat


For what seems like forever at the time

It’s a winter wonderland

But outside is not where I want to go

Because that usually means I have to shovel snow


But despite all my whining

And my body’s protesting

I actually feel quite grateful to live here

I get to see four seasons every year


God cloaks the world in many colors

Leaves of forest and emerald green grace our trees for awhile

Then they change their gowns

Turning into beautiful shades of purple, red, orange, yellow, brown


Squirrels, marmots, and the like scamper to and fro during the warmer months

And then take a nice long nap while the frost and snow takes its toll

Growing, evolving, & changing is a part of nature and all life

Throughout, we’ll know joy, pain, anger, hunger, excitement, and strife


What a wonder this world is to watch and enjoy

I’m in awe with every change God makes in it and in us

Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall

I am glad to be here to enjoy them all

Think Spring


The winter blues are getting to a lot of people around here. Last winter was fairly mild compared to this one. This season, there has been more snow, more ice, and colder temperatures. So between the icky weather, staying in more because of it, and whatnot….it’s led to a lot of depression for many people, including me from time to time. Winter is always the hardest on me, dealing with bi-polar is even more of a pain at this time. I do my best to find ways to stay positive, smile, laugh, and see those I love as often as I can. I hate the cold and the snow, but I can’t hibernate like some of the animals can and nor would I want to because then I’d get cabin fever as it were and the depression would grow, then making me more irritable.

So, getting through this rough winter, I have found a few specific things that have helped me stay more positive than in years past. One is this right here, blogging on WordPress. It has filled me with so much joy, especially the last few months because now I am really connecting with people, talking, getting to know some of you. Reading your blogs inspire me, have inspired some of what I have written. For that, thank you and keep blogging!!! And, thank you for supporting me, for encouraging me, for being awesome in general. 🙂 Being able to write about my life, my feelings, my dreams, etc and share with you all is a blessing. Being able to nurture my creative side is huge, especially when now is when I’d so often have writer’s block. Thank you for being a part of my journey and enlightening me along the way.

Another thing that has helped me this winter has been bowling in two leagues, staying active and having fun while doing so. I am not great, my average is roughly 110 in both, but I have fun and that is the most important thing. I get out of the house, get to see friends, get to make new friends, and get to relax and have fun. It’s amazing! Both leagues, I bowl with my boyfriend, but they are different from one another. Our Tuesday league is him, his dad, and I with a vacancy spot since we weren’t able to find a fourth player. There are only six teams, but it’s nice, faces don’t just blend in and we have gotten to really know the people we bowl against. I am captain, great fun!

On our every other Sunday league, I am captain there too, but also the league secretary. I love that because I get to deal with numbers, money, organization, etc. It’s nine teams, with a blind team that someone has to bowl every week. That team, I bowl with Doug and our friends Joe and Laura. The atmosphere is a little different, a little more competitive, but still fun is had. We know we’re not pro’s and just try to have fun. Like I said, it’s been a huge help!

Another thing is just spending a lot of time with Doug. He helps me stay positive. When I am in a funk, he’s supportive and it’s so much easier to get out of those times when he’s near. He’s been a rock and I am forever grateful to him. We see each other four to six days a week and yet we’re not tired of one another. We bowl, I make dinner for him, we hang out with my son, we go to concerts, we watch movies, we go support our friend’s karaoke shows…I sing, he listens lol and we’ll play pool too, we make time for just us. We laugh like little kids, tell silly jokes, and just enjoy one another’s company. We make plans for the future, for what we’ll do when it warms up, like taking a weekend and going to Devil’s Lake and Wisconsin Dells. We also have bands we want to see like the Halestorm and Bullet For My Valentine show in May. We’re going to Opening Day for the Brewers, as my birthday gift to him and have lots of plans to see them over the baseball season. It’s all so wonderful, exciting! I have never before experienced a relationship like this, one where we spend real time together, make plans, talk about living together and seeing the plans for it begin to unfold…not just empty promises, laughing, true care for one another, not just being lovers, but also being best friends. This is my soul mate, no doubts. He has helped me so much through a lot, definitely make it through winter thus far with a smile on my face.

Prayer has helped, tremendously. God is so good, has paved the way for a lot of good to come my way and I am forever grateful. I am also grateful for the struggles because they have shaped me, helped me grow into who I am now, as will future struggles help me become who I am going to be, always growing, learning, changing, evolving. He has taught me some painful lessons, but I wouldn’t change a thing. He has sent some amazing people into my life, my great boyfriend, my wonderful friends, helped some of my family and I bond closer together, helps my son and I stay connected, and hey…through a friend, He led me here to write alongside you guys and dolls! Again, I am truly honored and blessed for this opportunity. 🙂

And hey, THINK SPRING! Sometimes envisioning the flowers blooming, everything around me becoming green and lush once more, seeing the animals scurry, and hearing the sounds of life again helps me. Winter has its purpose. I live in an area where we see all four seasons and you know, I am grateful for that. It is truly spectacular to watch the world around me change. I am not the fondest of winter, but I know it has its place. It gives the world around me a chance to rest, to gather strength so that when spring is ready to appear once more, the world will be ready. I will admit though, knowing it’s coming, that spring will be here soon enough excites me! I can hardly wait to go outside in shorts and tank top, walk, rollerblade, camp, watch baseball, go to the park with my son and have picnics, and so on. Thinking about this makes me smile. I know it’s coming and so I can’t despair too much. So yeah, I “Think Spring” and it helps me get through the cold days and even colder nights.

What do you do during winter? Do you have tips? Perhaps you are a snow bird and like to ski, snowmobile, snowboard, ice skate, play ice hockey, ice fish, go sledding, etc. Maybe you read a lot more or have dinner parties? We all have our ways to get through, some barely managing, but we manage. I hope that winter hasn’t been too harsh on you guys and dolls and just remember, THINK SPRING!

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