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A Friendship Poem


They say that good friends are hard to find

But I believe that’s only true if you don’t use your mind

I made some mistakes over the years on whom I chose to trust

I now know that mutual respect, loyalty, & communication are all a must


Common interests & chemistry also play a part

In fact, that’s where friendships get their start

That is just the beginning, when the bond begins

But from there, real feelings must then form from within


I am blessed to say that I have many good friends in my life

People who stand beside me, through both times of cheer & of strife

They make me laugh, smile, and make long lasting memories

Some live nearby and some are across the great oceans & seas


But no matter how close we are in miles

The joy within our hearts is still there all the while

I am so blessed to know so many beautiful souls

They are some of the many pieces within me that make me whole

Side By Side & Heart to Heart


Oh might I just say that I love everything about you

Especially your heart that’s so giving, loyal, & true

I can say that I’ve seen you at your worst & at your very best

But even in your darkest hour, being loved by you leaves me feeling so blessed


And you love me as I am, never asking me to forsake my mind or my heart

Because our love is built upon mutual trust & respect, we’ll not be torn apart

For daily we work together on our relationship that’s worth it to defend

One where we walk side by side as one another’s lover and friend









In All I do, I Seek You

Closing my eyes, I seek Your beautiful face

Let all hate within me vanish without a trace

Jeremiah 29:11 tells me You have a plan for me

So please light the way so that I might see


Oh God who reigns on most high

I lift my hands up to the sky

You’ve been here for me from day one

I know through You, my battle with evil will be won


Your word gives me comfort and reminds me of the truth

I yearn for my faith in You to be like that of my youth

Let me be a beacon, reflecting Your light and love

So that in all I say and do, all may see You up above






Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat

What you see isn’t always what you get

Let that be a lesson you don’t soon forget

Don’t become jaded with the world

Just please don’t believe everything you’re told


There is so much good left within our race

It hasn’t vanished without a trace

God shows us every single day that love is alive

Out of sadness, joy can derive


I just ask that you remember this

Tragedy too can come from bliss

Be aware of who and what surrounds you

Let your keen senses tell you what is true


Many are out to help and love

That fact is as sure as God reigns from up above

But today as many all over the nation cry, Trick or Treat

Keep a weather eye on those who would trick and who is sweet

The Power Of Love

Some say it’s just a four letter word

Overused and pretty much meaningless

Truth is many do say it absentmindedly 

Not giving thought to what it really means


Many have been hurt over time

Due to hearing it when it wasn’t true

Leaving hearts bitter and skeptical

How much could the word mean if it’s so easily used?


When true and pure

Love has powers many haven’t seen

Too many hearts are locked tight

Afraid to open up, afraid to be hurt


It has many forms

For the love for one’s child differs

From that to the love for their brother

Of the love of your significant other


But all forms are real and strong

It has the power to heal

To keep one alive

To change even the most tortured soul


Love has changed my heart in many ways

The most powerful bond I share is with my son

When I heard his heartbeat for the first time

He took a hold of my heart


I never thought I could love someone so much

So much that I would give my own life to protect his

Without knowing what he was doing

He taught me what it truly meant to love


His little hand reached inside my chest

With such gentility

He began to mend my heart

One broken piece at a time


God’s love is actually the strongest

Though for a long time

I held Him at arm’s length

Not really ready to trust Him with every part of me


I have loved Him for many years

But it was clouded by pain

Doubt and uncertainty refused to completely let go

Anger told me to keep my distance


He never gave up on me

Showing His love for me time and time again

Through many people brought into my life along the way

And miracles that saved me when I thought all was lost


When my son came into my life

I began to see that love was indeed special

Before that, I really questioned it

Most people who supposedly loved me hurt me


If that was what love was

They could keep it

My parents hurt me worst of all

And isn’t that who is supposed to love you the most?


I had very few friends and most of them left

Or betrayed me, showing their words meaningless

My family was rarely around, leaving me feeling so alone

Men came and went, never wanting to stay


I felt abandoned and lost

Part of me believed God

That His love could heal and overcome it all

But life wasn’t showing me much evidence of that


Over time, things have changed

Through God, my son has opened the doors to my heart

Faith in humanity wasn’t totally lost

I began to believe that love could prevail after all


Some fences with family members have mended

Some bridges to ones never met were formed

Healing old wounds began

Weeding out the evil from my life became easier


Mistakes have been made

On both sides over time

But the desire to change and grow never disappeared

Wanting and allowing love to make a difference


God sent many good people into my life

To touch my heart and help me heal

A good circle of friends picked me back up

Showed me what true friendship really meant


I watch many of them help those around them

Family, friends, and even strangers

In the spirit of true love, reaching out their hand

When I do the same, it feels wonderful


When I do something good for another

It makes my heart whole and happy

During those times

God is most present


Then once He felt I was ready

After my heart knew what an intimate relationship shouldn’t be

He brought me to someone who would show me the truth

Through mutual friends, I found my soulmate


His love changed my heart in such a profound way

Loving him has filled me with such joy

But being loved in return has affected me even more

I’d never known before what being loved would feel like


So many before him claimed to love me

Only to wrench my heart from my hands

Beat upon it till I wanted to die

Leaving me broken inside


After some time, I’d lost hope

Often times I wondered what I was doing wrong

Perhaps I was too screwed up inside

Maybe I wasn’t meant to have someone by my side


A secret part of my heart hoped otherwise

As time went by and as I grew

My life decisions got better

So did the people that entered my life


Being loved has made me whole

The remaining broken pieces came together

Seeing the love in his eyes healed a heart I’d thought lost

So much has changed in so little time


Love is powerful and it doesn’t take long to work

Physically, I hurt less

I get sick less often

When I do get ill, I don’t stay down for long


Stress and heartache cause a lot of problems

They can physically drain you

A broken heart can even kill

A healthy body can die when the heart loses the will to live


Love can fix many things

When one is truly happy

The body knows it

The heart feels the light


I feel freer

Truly at peace

Peace that God gave me

Because I was finally open to it


Love, I found, was real after all

I am grateful for the many He’s sent to me

To touch my heart, to help me believe

For letting the power of love save my life



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