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My Soul Speaks


Thoughts jumble together within my mind

Tangled in thick yarn

Unable to separate them

Wanting to break them free

So that perhaps then you will see


The words are there

At the tip of my tongue

If only I could make a connection

Between my mouth and my mind

Perhaps then an explanation you would find


I just want you to understand

Grasp even a hint of what I would like to say

So you could see inside my soul

Why do I feel I must sound eloquent?

Surely, you’ve known all along what I meant


You already know how I feel

I see it when I look into your eyes

So I guess I don’t need to write a beautiful phrase

Or take my feelings and turn them into a song

For you’ve known my soul’s tune all along


I love you, Doug. So much! In 11 days, we will celebrate six months together. I am as happy as I was that cold October evening when you asked me to be your girl, perhaps even happier. Who knew that the broken road, that the long wait would be worth it? People told me it would be, but a skeptic I remained until your love found me. ❤


We Are One

It’s been a rough day

Nothing has gone right

I want to make the stress go away

Forget today and let’s call it a night


You walk through the door

With that adorable half smile on your face

Oh how you make my heart soar

Don’t you know you’re my happy place?


It’s easy for you to tell it’s been a rough one for me

But you don’t run from my side

Instead you remain calm and allow my emotions to run free

Promising to be there even when it’s a bumpy ride


You take me in your arms and kiss my lips

Worries and cares melt away like snow in the sun

I feel peace flow from my toes all the way through to my fingertips

No longer is it just me or you, now we are one

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Psalm 139: 23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!

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"You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi; I can tell that it's going to be a long road....." ~ New Year's Day - Taylor Swift


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-Wander often, wonder often-

sitting by sails.

poetry by nicolas ryan brown.

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Brangien Illuminated

I am Brangien [Brangaine] of Weisefort, Ireland, lady-in-waiting to my cousin Isolde, who became promised to King Marc of Cornwall. His nephew Tristan escorted us to England by ship. But Tristan and Isolde fell in love at sea. As ye may know, or will find out, they cite the philter they drank as the cause, over which I was supposed to keep vigil. I would like to share my perspective of how I have created good in the world through my herbs and observations. There is much to tell, including how I have adopted this odd language. In good time. My life is in God’s hands. –Inspired by the modern French translations of the Tristan and Isolde texts

New Beginnings

A safe haven where the mind is free.

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