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Even Positive Changes Can Be Scary


In one week from today, we close on both the home we’re selling and then the one we’re buying. Overall, I’m over the moon happy about the next steps in our journey together as a family.

I don’t like the town we currently live in anymore. It’s gone downhill so much. It’s become the norm to see cops on our block and that’s disheartening. I don’t want my kids to get accustomed to this. I want better for them and for all of us.

Part of this move is about safety and wanting to live in a better community. But, part of it is also because our current home is too small for our growing family. We’ve just outgrown this place. All in all, it’s time for us to move.

And like I said, I’m fairly happy about this move. I’m ready to see what God has planned for us. It’s going to be a good thing for our family. But, yet a part of me is sad and a bit scared too.

We’re moving to a town I’m fairly unfamiliar with and sometimes the unknown can be a bit scary. Will we find a church we like? Will we fit in? Will we become isolated? Will my kids like it?Will they make friends, especially my teenage son? There’s so many questions and I don’t yet know those answers.

I’m also a little sad about leaving because we’ll be further away from some people we’re close to. It’ll be a little difficult for us, especially me. I’m very much a social being a lot of the time. I know we’ll see our friends again, but it’s going to get even harder than it already is since having our daughter. That will definitely be an adjustment that will take getting used to. And how will I go about making new connections?

Mostly, I’m happy, been counting down the days for awhile. And I’m sure everything will work out wonderfully, just getting a little more nervous the closer we get. But, the excitement does trump the fear. Alright, let’s do this….





We’re mostly settled into our new place. It’s a tad small, but we’re making due with what we have. I love our little house! My son gets to see it for the first time this evening when I bring him home for the weekend. His room is all finished and I am excited for him to see it. There are a few surprises that await him, like some football and baseball cards that Doug was collecting from his childhood, a Packer’s helmet, a Brewer’s helmet, my old camera that had a SD card in it for him to use, etc. 

Really all that is left for us to do is hang pictures, put together the bookshelf, put the books away, break down boxes, then reorganize the laundry room, and get the new belts put on the washer and dryer. I thought about taking pictures of the inside of our home, but I want to wait till we’re DONE, but that will be SOON, I promise. 🙂 The internet will be installed tomorrow, right now I am using my computer at my grandma’s yet. (I would have posted sooner, but was quite busy packing, unpacking, rearranging, etc….my mind wasn’t on posting. *smiles*) I will be taking it there this afternoon so I can set it up so that Time Warner can do the installation. It’s all coming together!!! 

I hope all is well in the land of WordPress! End May with smiles and laughter and may June begin the same way. Much love to all of you, take care!

 One of the things keeping me busy is


One of the things keeping me busy is my son’s baseball games, here is him with his team on Opening Day for the Appleton West Little League. 🙂 My son is the second one on the right. GO NUMBER TWO! GO TRU GREEN! They won by the way, 4-3 this past Saturday. 🙂

So yeah, May is going to be a very busy month, so I am telling you all ahead of time I am NOT vanishing, even if I haven’t posted in awhile. 😉 This month, besides the usual stuff, I am also going to be moving into a cute little house with my boyfriend, hoping the closing date is sooner rather than later. We have a lot to do in the meantime: packing, furniture shopping, planning, etc. I am so excited! I can’t begin to describe to you how very happy this makes me. I will get to go to sleep and wake up next to the man I love every single day. We are truly going to make a life together now. It’s scary too and I know reality will truly set in then, but I am confident in us and our love. This is going to be amazing.

I hope this summer is busy actually and that when I do update, I will have a lot to share with you guys and dolls. I also hope that all of you are getting out there and enjoying life as well. I want to see pictures from vacations, afternoons at the park, board game nights, and other fun times with family and friends. I want to hear how lives are changing. I know there will be hard times, but I hope to see that you’re coping, healing, and moving forward. I want to read about interesting topics and healthy debates. Keep sharing and I will do the same! Take care, WordPress family!

Busy, busy, busy bee that I am….

I haven’t signed into WordPress to update in a few days. *gasp* I have no idea what’s been going on with all of you, but hope all is well!

It’s been hectic around here as of late. On Friday, someone from Dept. of Aging came by to meet with us, to evaluate my grandma. My mom and uncle agreed on a program that they feel is best for their mom. We roughly reviewed finances, her health, what’s been going on, etc. The next step is a home visit and during that time, we will need to provide more extensive information. I have been working on gathering that so we’re prepared when the worker arrives. After all that was done, my mom helped me with a spreadsheet and then it was time to pick up my son from school. We had a relaxing evening, well as relaxing as it can get with a hyper 10 year old. 😉

Saturday, I got up early and made breakfast. After cleaning up, it was time to go to Kid’s Fest at the bowling alley. It was pretty fun, though felt a bit rushed. Then we all headed to Doug’s grandma’s for her birthday party. Zach had fun with the kids, Doug got to catch up with family, and I got to get to know some of them better. We then rushed to Kohl’s to see if there was any good Brewers gear for my kiddo before then hightailing it to Miller Park to watch the Brewers/Cubs game. That was a nail biter, but a great game to watch. We were sitting around some really awesome people, made the experience that much more exciting. By this time, Doug and I were exhausted. Ha, but Zach was still going strong….but we still got him to get ready for bed not long after we got home. I met a friend of Doug’s from work that evening as well, he was celebrating his birthday. Their crew was pretty interesting, but we enjoyed ourselves. What a day, it was nice to finally lay down and get some sleep when all was said and done.

On Sunday, got up a little late, made an early lunch, spent some time with the kiddo, and then took him to his dad before heading to league. It was the last regular session of the season, so I had to make sure to collect double from every bowler. By the third game, we were all exhausted, even the other team. When I got home, I took a bath, popped some popcorn, put in a movie, and vegged. What a weekend, what a weekend! It was definitely time to call it a night.

Today, I got up early to do some work on acquiring some of the documents for Grandma’s home visit. I ran then to the bowling alley to count the money from the season so that I could then divide it to give out awards and then do the payout for the teams. That took nearly three hours. I know more of what to do if I ever do this again, learned a bit from this. 😉 Then I ran to meet Ethan from one of the staffing agencies, had to fill out the application, but also had to talk about a potential job. I’m finally home with a moment to sit, to relax. Shortly I am going to the store to get some things for Grandma, but for the moment, I am alright with not moving. I hope you all had a good weekend and that your week is getting off to a good start.

Can you believe it’s nearly May? My boyfriend’s birthday is in a week from today. I am working on planning a special dinner. I want to show the man that I love as much appreciation as I can, show him how much I adore him. Life is going to change so much for us and soon. He got a house and moves in sometime next month. His loan is being processed, an inspection has been done,  down payment has been made, etc. We both need to acquire boxes, it’s going to be such a busy time for us. Grandma will soon be in a home, I don’t know what will become of the house….if my uncle will have the funds to hold onto it or if it gets sold, my son and I move in with Doug, and I just hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. So much uncertainty lies ahead, but so does so much hope and excitement. While I am sad it’s come to this for my grandma, I am happy to know she will be getting the help she needs, from people who are trained to do this, who will be there whenever she needs someone. Things will be alright, for all of us, I know it will be.

2012 in review

My friend Lesley did this a little bit ago and I liked the idea, so I am going to do the same thing. This is my 2012 in review…..




It wasn’t too eventful of a month. I was still working at T.J. Grinding, was offered a full time position in August of 2011 and still living in Waukesha. (I’d been a temp there since March 14th, 2011.) Life was pretty much the same as it had been for awhile. I did meet Doug then, but little did I know the role he would one day play in my life. At that time, I barely acknowledged him because he was so quiet and I just didn’t know what to say to him. I was still confused about where things were headed with Jesse and I. He had just moved back to Wisconsin and everything was up in the air. I was also confused about Rick. I had strong feelings for two men, neither of which wanted anything serious. It seemed that was the story of my life. *laughs*



Nothing much to report here either, still had the same job and still lived at the same place, same ole, same ole lol. I spent time with friends, as I always did and got to spend time with Zach, every other weekend, as I normally do….but it was feeling kind of….stale. Valentines Day came and went with me alone, as usual. But, I decided years earlier to just make it a day about love in general. I like to show all that I love my gratitude and appreciation, but not just on that day….but all year long. Oh, I did get my new car. The Mazda died out finally. So, here I am with a 2007 Chevy Impala….nice. 😉



Jesse and I got back together for the third and final time. At the beginning, it all finally seemed like it was going to work out for us. He had just gotten a decent job and was finally getting back to where he wanted to be. That was the main thing he said was holding him back from us being together. I was so excited. I’d dedicated a lot of time and energy to him, to us. Rick was hurt, but I had to follow my heart and see where it led me. It didn’t take long before it went back to the same old pattern of being ignored and let down. We talked and mutually decided it was just best for us to be friends because he just didn’t want to be in a serious relationship. Other than that, still same ole, same ole lol. Life stayed like that for a bit yet….



Same ole, until the end of the month. I still had the same job, same place to live, etc etc. I was still trying to sort out my heart. At the end of the month, I was given a notice from my landlord that my rent was going up $156 starting in June. I then began to freak out….what on earth was I going to do????



I was scrambling to figure out my living situation. In the end, Zach’s dad agreed to suspend child support payments by way of giving me the debit card my money goes onto until January of 2013, figuring that would be plenty of time for me to get things situated. The other thing was that I have to go to Fond du Lac to meet up with Jason on Sundays. Hey, whatever, that was a huge help to me. When I budgeted my money for my car payment, I just didn’t budget in any extra money, so yeah that was a bind until Jason agreed to help. So at the end of May, I knew I could stay where I was.



I was getting increasingly worried about my grandma and wasn’t sure what to do about it. The house was beyond a disaster, neither my uncle or she were taking care of things. But, for that month, I kept quiet still. I went about my business as usual. Same job, same home, etc etc.



I lost my job on the 9th. That day I revised my resume, started applying to jobs, reapplied for assistance, etc. I was getting even more worried about Grandma and finally said something to my mom. She agreed something needed to be done. So after agonizing on it for a little bit, the call was made to Social Services and the Department of Aging. My mom and I talked with them quite a bit. July 23rd, they met with Mom and Grandma. That day, she was forced to go to the hospital because her blood pressure was so high. She had to stay there for about five days. In that time, I called the city and they came to inspect the house, locked it up, and they’d given us a month to get things situated. Once Grandma was released, she temporarily went into an assisted living place, but then my aunt and uncle in Minnesota said they’d look after her while we worked on the house. It was also decided after some talking that when this was done that I would be moving in to take care of Grandma and Lyle needed to find somewhere else to stay because the two of them just enable one another to buy stuff they don’t need, clutter, and mess up the house. Jesse and I had a big blow out and it was then that I began to realize that perhaps I needed to move on. Rick and I seemed to be getting closer. It was one heck of a month.



I took Grandma to Minnesota and then the house project truly began. It was a nightmare. Mom, Uncle Lyle, Lyle, Jim, Bill, Jessy, & I were there the first day. The guys got the furniture out of the livingroom and Grandma’s bed out. We started throwing stuff out, just anything and everything that wasn’t needed. My friends and I started talking about forming a bowling team for fall. Doug had taken a break from the group at one point and had recently rejoined. This was when I really started talking to him, getting to know him. It was a very frustrating, but interesting month. I was looking for work, but not that hard because I thought I would be able to take care of Grandma and get paid to do so. I thought I had it all figured it all out.



Still working on the house, looking harder for work because I realized Grandma made too much money for most of the programs and the ones that would help were saying they’d be taking about half of her income and I couldn’t do that to her. Work on the house continued. It was mostly Mom and I, with some help from Uncle Lyle and Joni too. Bowling league started. I gave up on both Jesse and Rick for good, realized neither of them were the one for me. Doug and I were becoming very good friends and very quickly. He was an amazing support system for me with all that was going on. My feelings for him were changing and quickly as well. I thought perhaps he felt something too and decided to say something…but the initial talk didn’t go as I’d hoped, I was confused and hurt. I wasn’t giving up though….



Doug and I shared our first kiss on the 4th, had our first date on the 11th, and then on the 16th, we officially became a couple. Less than a week later, he was helping me pack and then helped me move into Grandma’s house. We’d finally gotten the okay to live there after getting some repairs done, some of which were thanks to my buddies Joel and Drew. I was situated for a day and then Mom went to Minnesota to get Grandma. Three months to the day from the day she was admitted into the hospital and this whole mess began, she was home. I left Waukesha behind me and a new leg of my journey had began. 



My son’s birthday was a huge success. I wanted to make it extra special because I hadn’t gotten to celebrate his actual birthday with him in quite awhile. He had a bowling birthday party and really seemed to enjoy himself. Things seemed to be going fairly well. Thanksgiving was great with Tony, Nikki, Grandma, & Uncle Lyle. I picked Zach up for the weekend the next day. But then, right after the holiday weekened was over, Grandma had a stroke. As it turned out, she’d had others and no one knew, not even her. The hospital took good care of her and after a few days, she was able to come home as long as she agreed to use a cane or walker. It made things so much more difficult, but I wasn’t giving up on making this work. With Doug, things still going great and happier than I’ve ever been. He again, was a great support system, though I then needed to be there for him when he lost his mom. 😦 We both realized just how much we’d need one another.



Here it is, nearly over. It’s been rough with Grandma, but been hanging in there. I have been on a few interviews, hoping to have a job soon. My birthday was amazing, perhaps the best yet. Christmas was hectic, but also wonderful with the many celebrations I was a part of. I got to see my son, step-mom, siblings, Mom, Grandma, Uncle, Doug, a lot of his family….on two different occasions, Joe, Laura, Hali, Ma, CM, & Paws. My kiddo is actually here until New Year’s Day. On Sunday, I get to have dinner and see T.S.O. with Doug, it’s my birthday present. New Year’s Eve….hanging out with the kid, Doug and I are taking Zach to see The Hobbit, and probably gorging on pizza. When he goes to bed and Grandma is in bed for the night, I get to ring in the new year with just Doug. I am excited for that. I am actually pretty excited for 2013. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year.

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