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You Light The Way


Looking at myself
Often I feel so plain
But to you, I am beautiful

Even on my worst days
You look at me like I’m special
Looking at me through your eyes
I see me in a new view

I never thought someone like you
Could ever love someone like me
My past is so bitter, so dark
But there you are, holding the light

You show me each day
That there’s always a way to grow
Learning more
Loving with all we have

No secrets, no lies
As it should be
You show me I can be me
And that there’s more to me than even I know

A Fragile Soul


A fragile soul struggles
Giving all it has to survive
To not be torn apart
As hate spreads across the globe
It prays to never lose its ability to love

Such suffering is seen everywhere it looks
Rape, greed, murder, war, violence, pain, death
So many people knock others down
Having no regard for other’s feelings
Meeting their own needs is all that matters

How can one not be skeptical
Not become jaded and hide their heart away?
It’s a struggle every single day
Listening to the news
Hearing about more and more tragedies

But the soul still pursues the light
Pulling back the curtains of despair
It sees healing, helping, joy, hope, compassion, love
There are many people who care for others
Who seek peace, who practice what they preach

As the soul has aged
It’s found it’s not as fragile as it once thought
Through the darkness, it’s found light
Found its strength through weakness
And despite the hate it sees, its also known friendship and love


Picture taken by Jennifer, thank you for letting me use this! It’s beautiful!

Sunshine Award


Miss Ionia nominated me for the Sunshine Award. She saw my most recent post and thought I could use some cheering up. She often tells me how my posts inspire her and make her smile. She is truly a gem, an amazing person with quite the gift herself. Check out her blog, especially if you like to read. She gives reviews, pretty good ones too.

I said I was taking a break from nominations, but I will make an exception this time as I need a positive distraction from my own mind this evening. So, here are the rules for accepting this award:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • 10-12 other fabulous bloggers must be nominated.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Answer the questions:

1 – Favorite color: Depends on the day, usually green.

2 – Favorite animal: Horses and tigers, yes I have two. 😉

3 – Favorite number: 3, 7, & 11 (which is weird because I prefer even numbers in general.)

4 – Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Iced tea w/lemonade (Called an Arnold Palmer I believe.)

5 – Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

6 – My passion: I have more than one: God, my son, family, friends, music, & writing….oh and photography. 😉

7 – Prefer getting or giving presents: Both are great, honestly, but to give something to someone….even if it’s something handmade and to see them smile, to see their joy when they get it, well, it’s priceless.

8 – Favorite pattern: I don’t have one….

9 – Favorite day of the week: Saturday

10 – Favorite flower: Tiger Lilly 

Nominees: They should be people who inspire and give joy and laughter when reading their posts. It is hard for me to pick each time, which is one of the reasons I backed off from accepting nominations. Well, this time around….the nominees are:

Bzebza: He always has such interesting posts! I love the photos, so breathtakingly beautiful! Hey, you…you reading this….check it out and take a gander at his short stories too!

Alex: Such a wonderful blog to read, such hope, uplifting words, and honesty can be read on his blog. Do check it out!

Wendell: His poems are beautiful, written with such emotion and love. Each one captivates me. If you’re a lover of God, poetry, and just love in general….check out his page!

Quillian & Angela: Most interesting blog, like what they have to share! I especially liked reading about the journey back to the states (which is where I am from) for a visit and their trip to see a Cardinals game, as I am too a baseball fan. The season is about to start! Go journey with them, see what they see and go where they go! 🙂

Felicia: This lady is outstanding! I love reading her blog. There are stories that make me cry, laugh, and get inspired. Something I read there today had me in tears, something so heartbreaking, but told in such a way that was beautiful. Check it and the rest of her blog out!

K.D: She posts such amazing and inspiring things. Need a little hope, a smile, some perspective? Check out her site, you’ll be glad you did, I know I am!

Bussokuseki: His writings offer up such warmth, peace, love, laughter, and hope. He wants the best for those in his family and around him. It’s definitely worth stopping by his page to read what he has to say.

Dianne: Her posts are so real! I love that she gives of herself when she writes.  Her stories, the lessons she tries to give, & the things she shares are amazing. Take a look and see what she’s creating.

Victoria: Her stories about her family, marriage, children, and every day adventures are quite something. Sometimes I leave her page with a laugh, sometimes a moment of: “I know how she feels!”, sometimes hope that things can get better, and much more depending on the post. She is real, honest, and down to earth. Check out her page! 🙂

The one and only Opinionated Man: He says what he’s thinking. I don’t always agree with his opinions, though often times I do. Even when we don’t, I respect him for putting himself out there, for being real, for being himself. Check out what he has to say, always an interesting read!

Alright, shine on nominees and to all reading this! No matter how dark it might get, there is always a light to be turned on, to be found. Be that light! 🙂

My Reflection


Who is this staring at me?

I don’t recognize the face I see

Time has changed so much

The way I smile, laugh, and touch


Deep within, I’m still the same

My faith, my heart, my name

One’s core can remain in tact

So much else changes, that’s a fact


My nature has always been to love

That was instilled in my soul from above

The way that I show it now has grown

In ways that are well known


When I forget who I am inside

And stress leaves me feeling a little fried

I find my way back by quieting my mind

Slowing my thoughts so that I can unwind


I then turn to You

You help me through

Each storm that within me rages

Each hurdle I face, You see me through in stages


I must grow, must learn

If the rain didn’t soak me, if the fire didn’t burn

I’d remain a child in an adult’s skin

Trials I had to face so that the growing could begin


Mistakes were made and sorrows known

But through them, I have flown

Stronger, kinder, and wiser am I

And this will continue to happen by and by


I believe that the day I am done growing

Is the day that I am done living

As my reflection changes from day to day

May I still see the core of who I am, I pray


No matter how I change throughout the years

May I never let win my sorrows, doubts, or fears

Instead let hope, faith, joy, and love win out

The way of light and laughter is my route


I grab my reflection’s hand

We skip through time across the sand

Making the most of life

Pushing past all hurt and strife


Loving those who are here while I have the chance

Taking a chance too on my dreams, desires, and romance

As my reflection learns, she grows

That’s just how the story goes


Life comes and eventually it fades away

But that doesn’t mean it can’t somehow stay

So I choose to let my legacy live on

To not be forgotten even well after my time here is gone


One day you won’t see my face

I will have gone to a better place

My final reflection, what will she look like to you?

I hope that it will be one that you find to be loving and true.

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