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On this day, Father’s Day…..

fathers day

I hope this day was amazing for all of you, no matter what your situation may be. Dads, step-dads, adoptive dads, foster dads, dads to be, men who long to be dads, dad type figures, single moms playing both roles, grandpas, uncles, god-fathers, and so on…..this day was to honor your hard work, sacrifices, and love for your children and families.

For me, I had many to think of today. I couldn’t be with them all, seeing as some have passed, some are too far away, etc. But, I was thinking of each of you. Thank you personally for your roles in my life. I love each of you. For my family/friends that are being honored today…know I am proud of each of you and hope that your day was amazing.

For the dads that have passed away, the children who have gone….your lights still shine and we honor you too today. On Father’s Day, knowing your dad isn’t here to be honored is an unbearable thing to deal with, watching others honor their dads when you can’t, not easy. Being a dad when your child(ren) have died can’t be an easy thing to deal with. I do sincerely hope that each of you have been surrounded by loved ones today.

Before today ends, I say this to each of you: God Bless, much love, and here’s to a great week ahead! Oh and don’t forget to show those in your life still with you how much you mean to them.


The Sun Sets On The Past & Rises On The Future….

The weekend is here, well just about. Though only an hour and 12 minutes remain till I punch out, it feels like there are still hours to go. Oh, make that an hour an 11 minutes. 😉 Soon, I will leave, pick up my son from school, and then return home so that we can let our puppy out, feed her and our kitten, and then start to prepare dinner. I suppose to many that sounds dull, a Friday night at home with my son, boyfriend, and pets…just watching stuff on Netflix, maybe play a board game or two, play with our animals, and then at a decent hour, call it a night. I remember the days when I wouldn’t even leave the house until a time when I am now in bed or at least getting ready to do so in the near future. Oh, it’s down to an hour an eight minutes now. So, anyway, yeah, life was once a giant party. For some I know, it still is. Would you call me old then or at least boring because my nights out on the town are few and far between? Do you think me lame for not craving to be a part of that scene anymore? If you do, that is your opinion of my situation. 😉 My opinion is this, that chapter of my life has ended. I don’t feel the need to continuously party, drink, stay out late, and be anywhere but home anymore. But that doesn’t mean I view my life as dull and boring either. It is still full of excitement, good times, friendship, and most of all, love. It’s that my priorities and what I view as fun has changed. There is a season and time for everything that happens in your life. It just so happens that my time for some things has come to an end and yet for others, it’s only just beginning. Happy Friday everyone! (oh and hey, it’s only an hour and one minute away now.) 😉

The Days of My Youth ABC Style

Summer of 1992 (800x552)

Animaniacs on t.v. after school

Belinda Carlisle and The Babysitter’s Club

Carmen Sandiego, I will find you!

Double Dare, a game show I wanted to go on

Eureka’s Castle made me laugh

Full House was on prime time t.v. & let’s not forget, FALCOOOR!

Girl Scouts taught me so much

Hopscotch, sure let’s play a game or two

Ice cream trucks with their frozen treats on a hot summer’s day

Jump ropes, jungle gyms, & The Jetsons were pretty awesome

Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Eeyore, & Christopher Robin too

Lego’s & Lincoln Logs, a creative way to play the day away

M.A.S.H….many teenage girls spent hours playing this, including me


Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh…..the right stuff….

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

Queen playing at the rollerskating rink

Rapture by Blondie, definitely a hit in the days of my youth

Small Wonder, Size Small, Silver Spoons, & Step By Step too

Tiffany singing, “I think we’re alone now…..”

Unico, my most favorite unicorn ever

Volleyball played every Saturday with the Girl’s Club of America

Wildest Dreams by The Moody Blues was my favorite song

Xylophones were fun to play in music class

You Can’t Do That On Television was hilarious

Zaboomafoo and Zoobilee Zoo were pretty cool too

Words can be so much fun!

Fun With Words

Well my blog is titled Life, Love, Poetry, & Other Randomness for a reason. 😉 Let us delve into some randomness, shall we? I love words! I am a writer, but also an avid reader as well. Words bring me so much joy! Oh the power they have too, much more than many realize. Well, I was thinking about words I like and thought perhaps I’d share a short list of them with you! Some can just be oh so much fun to say!

1) Plethora

2) Audacity

3) Indeed

4) Seriousness

5) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (It’s a word to say when you don’t know what else to say! How I love Mary Poppins!)

6) Loquacious

7) Superfluous

8) Success

9) Ambition

10) Tenacious

11) Adoration

12) Velocity

13) Music

14) Beloved

15) Abundance

16) Duplicitous

17) Freely

18) Obnoxious

19) Circumference

I chose to share nineteen words today as today is the 19th. I hope you enjoyed my randomness today!


Winter Can Be Kind Of Swell


Through the wind and the freezing rain

It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the pain

My knees are crying out to me

It would be best for us to rest, can you not see?


Tis the season when Bronchitis stalks me

I beg with all my might for it to flee

But like a stubborn child unwilling to submit

It decides it’s going to be something of a twit


Soon the snow will be here for a long unwanted stay

Though I ask it politely to leave, it won’t go away

Get out the shovels, coats, hats, gloves, boots, & snowbrushes too

Make way for slick roads, icy sidewalks, cold days, and say hello to the flu


Oh but it’s not as bad as I make it seem

See how upon the trees the snow gleams?

There’s sledding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and forts to build as well

Sometimes I admit, I suppose winter can be kind of swell


Reading a book all curled up under my favorite fuzzy blanket

And watching the Packers play on our awesome television set

Hot meals, hot cocoa, a warm fire, Christmas, and some cuddling too

It’s not so bad when I remember I get to spend it with you






Pork chops, State Fair, weddings, & Mr. Bean


Summer break is nearing its end and many children, including my own, are dreading that day when they have to go back to school. Many parents are dreading the end of summer simply because the warm weather (when you live in a place like I do anyway) will be ending and it’s been nice to take the kids camping, on vacations, and so on. Though, many are also excited for it to end because then the kiddos are in school again…making things easier because they don’t have to deal with daycare, sitters, and so on when they’re at work and/or it’s easier to get things done like running errands.

However, Summer is NOT yet over and until then, many people like myself are still trying to make the most of the time they have left of the warm nights, bonfires, water parks, vacations, and so on.

In fact, last night Doug, my son, and myself went to our State Fair’s opening night. There were rides to ride, good food to be eaten, and so much fun to be had. We’re hoping to get there one more time yet, but finances will determine our eligibility of doing so. 😉

Besides that, we have been trying to keep busy this summer by taking walks, going to parks, playing games, going swimming, having cookouts, and so on. It’s been a fairly decent break for my kiddo, minus summer school. Doug and I have enjoyed our time as well and plan to continue to do so…well all year long, no matter the weather. Some days/nights call for action and others call for a relaxing evening at home without any company. 

This weekend will NOT be one of those relaxing weekends. We have a wedding to go to, Doug’s cousin’s. It should be a fun time and I am looking forward to it. Doug has an amazing family and what better way to spend with them than celebrating love?

We also have to get together with my son’s dad and step-mom beforehand to discuss some issues our beloved kiddo is having, hoping to nip some issues in the butt before school starts. Sometimes things that need to be done aren’t fun, but ya just have to buckle down and do it. 

We also are going to church, continuing our hunt for the right church for us to continue our walk with God, one that allows us both to grow with Him and with one another. I look forward to that. He’s more of a traditional guy and I am more of a contemporary gal, but we know we can find a way to meet in the middle that will allow us to be on the right path.

We love to laugh and we try to find ways to keep laughter and joy alive in our household and in our hearts. One thing we like to do is watch shows like Mr. Bean, silly slapstick comedy that is appropriate for all ages. This is good to do when it’s been too hot and humid to do anything outdoors and will undoubtedly be great when it’s too frigidly cold out. Comedy is good in any weather, laughter is so vital in our lives. It helps us stress less and stay happy!

I hope you’ve all been finding ways to stay busy, active, and happy this summer. It’s not over yet, keep enjoying it before it’s over and it’s time to re-adapt to Autumn’s colors, cooler temperatures, school, its own holidays, and so on. But then, when it hits, we’ll just make the best of that season, as we should with them all. Much love to every one of you. God Bless! 

Yes, I am still here. ;)

The last four days have been pretty busy with taking my kiddo to parks, bowling, Easter, Opening Day at Miller Park, family time, following up on job leads, etc. I want to assure you all though that I have not disappeared, I’d just taken a break. 😉

I hope to be employed soon, been applying like crazy to various data entry, administrative assistant, receptionist, etc type jobs. I got a call today about one I’d interviewed for roughly two months ago, the person they chose didn’t work out and are on the hunt for someone who would be a better fit. Well, here’s hoping when Andy resubmits my resume that they’re interested once more and that they’ll take a chance on me this time. I also applied for a police dispatcher job that my friend referred me to, due to her just getting one. I am also being submitted to a part time temp to hire data entry job. So, there are a few irons in the fire. Any and all prayers are appreciated! I am happy though that Doug’s dad is offering to let me type up letters and proposals for his business to make some money and Grandma does help out since I take care of her, so at least I have a little something till a job lead pans out. 🙂

Easter went well. GOD IS GOOD! I had to say that first, give credit to the Lord, the reason for the season. 🙂 Anyway, so, my mom, uncle, his friend, my grandma, my son, and I ate very well. In fact, there are still leftovers. 😉 It was nice cooking in the kitchen with my mom and chatting with my family. After my uncle and his friend left, we cleaned, relaxed, and then watched The Hobbit. The only one awake at the end of it besides me was my grandma. My mom and son had fallen asleep. 😉 I was pretty wiped too, think I actually did nod off for a moment here and there, but I did make it through most of it. I don’t know why I picked a long movie since I had to be up early for Opening Day the next day, but hey, guess I was just in the mood to watch it. I can hardly wait for part two to come out! Watching Bilbo evolve and be courageous in ways he himself didn’t realize he could be was something and well, just have to love Gandalf. I want to see them battle the dragon next, should be interesting!

Doug and I celebrate six months on the 16th, so excited! We have gift cards that need to be used, so we’re going to have a cliche date night and go out to dinner and see a movie that evening. Opening Day was a blast!!! We won, though it was a nail biter! It went into extra innings.  It was so great to be surrounded by other fans, the atmosphere was so great! Lot of cheering, laughing, and celebrating was heard throughout the ballpark. I can hardly wait to go back and knowing we have tickets to more games, vouchers to take Zach, and vouchers for other games/parking ensures we’ll be back soon. GO BREWERS!!! I prefer to watch football, but I prefer baseball weather. 😉 Still though, I love my team! Let’s do something great this year, Brew Crew!

Doug took his dad to see the house we’d both seen on March 18th and really liked, because he wanted his opinion being that he works on houses, even helps build them. They saw it together last week and his dad liked it as much as we did. They were talking about ways to expand it and make better use of the rooms. It is small, but so cute, and it has so much potential. Doug’s only issue with it was that it’s small and if he ever wants to sell it, it’d be difficult because of its size. Knowing now how he can add another story to it and make it better melted those fears away. He’s putting an offer in tomorrow, I believe. I can see us living there together some day. It really felt nice being in that house because it’s such a lovely house & in a good neighborhood. Also, it’s near a lot of places and people we know. I am really hoping this works out for him and for us.

It seems that a lot of what we want to accomplish is within reach now. I keep saying I am going to land a job soon, soon is a relative term I suppose. I do feel though that the timing for it to pan out is just about here. If he gets this house, that will be huge for him to have his own home and have even more security. Many people his age don’t have that, especially not a home of their own. I am so proud of him, for all he does to better his life. Down the road, this will be good for us too. He’s already talked about this with me, I will one day be living there. First it would be put into motion that my uncle moves in as I move out so the Grandma isn’t alone. Though even after I am moved out, I will be close enough to check on her and the house a few times a week. I trust my uncle to care for her, but not so much with the cleaning. I’d still do that for her. Hmm, but it will be nice to live in a house with the man I love. I know it won’t be all sunshine and roses, there will be things we disagree on, and moments of frustration. However, it’s not in either of our natures to really fight. Thus far, we’ve adopted the, “Let’s actually talk about things.” attitude. We don’t always agree now, but we never belittle the other or pick a fight. We each say what we’re thinking, tell how we’re feeling, and respect the other’s views. When we can compromise, which is often, we do. When we can’t, we just agree to disagree because life is too short to fight about things that in the end should not make or break us. We’re stronger than that. 🙂

My kiddo has been having fun while on break, been playing outside, running around with seemingly endless amounts of energy every day, making a friend of one of the neighbor boys, playing on the Wii with Doug since he brought it here for us to all use, etc. He goes back in four days. 😦 It felt so weird at first when he was here on a weekday, but now it will feel weird again when he’s gone. I am getting used to him waking me up each day, eating meals with him, etc. It’s like that every time he’s here for an extended amount of time. Well, at least we have made some great use of the time he’s been here. We’ve play & talked, he’s been put to work doing chores and learning more about responsibility, and it’s just been great. He’s been a bit sassy, but he’s been learning that his actions have consequences. I love seeing his face, his smile. Hearing his laughter is infectious. It will indeed be difficult to see him go back to his dad’s on Sunday. So, time to go make the most of it, we’re going outside to enjoy the sun. Have a great day everyone!!!

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