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Cedarburg’s Strawberry Festival – In Review


Cedarburg is known for many things, one of which being the Strawberry Festival, which is now celebrating its 31st year. People come from miles around each year to partake in everything strawberry, from wine and beer to chicken, brats, and even salsa. You can, of course, find fresh strawberries to buy and take home home with you. But, there’s more than just food and drink along Washington Avenue. There are hundreds of vendors selling things such as clothing, jewelry, books, toys, and plenty of other homemade crafts.

It’s more than food, drink, and shopping at the Strawberry Festival. Prepare to enjoy live music and games as well. I even saw people getting their hair done! It was quite the sight to see. There’s so much going on, you’ll never experience it all in one day. But that’s okay, they make a weekend out of it. It’s definitely something you’ll want to make sure you get to experience!

If you’re looking to spend the day there, I would suggest, however, to make sure you have a decent amount of money with you. Some things are reasonably priced, but others aren’t. If you’re on a budget though, you can make it work to go and have a good time.

It was our first time going and I wasn’t sure what to think. A number of people I know go every year, but I was told it gets very crowded and it can be a bit intimidating. It was indeed crowded, but it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed seeing the many different booths, trying various strawberry delights, and listening to the music we heard along our walk.

I would recommend going, just be sure to bring sunscreen and drink plenty of water, especially if it’s a day like today. My personal favorites from today were the steak sandwich and strawberry shortcake. I did also buy some fresh strawberries, will be trying those tomorrow; they look delicious!

If you enjoy events such as the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival, I’d also highly recommend Maxwell Street Days. They have four dates throughout the year, the next one being July, 17th. Cedarburg is a tourist friendly city, with so much to offer. Stop on out and check out the many events going on, you won’t be disappointed!


Trying to Live the Gluten Free Way


I had been so sick for so long and I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. Well, then after doing some research, I found out that what’s likely been going on is that I have an allergy to gluten. It made perfect sense and so I decided to try to go gluten free with my eating habits for awhile to see if that made any difference. It has worked wonders, though I have slipped a few times. Some of that was due to not knowing what to look for and some of it was due to special occasions and decided, “eh, why not?” Though, each slip was something I paid for.

Since beginning this change, I feel so much better. But, I still have so many questions. I have been asking friends and family members who deal with this for advice and for tips on what is edible and what isn’t. Well, now I am going to turn to you, my WordPress family. Two of the things I struggle with most right now is finding a good gluten free bread and also tortillas. I tried Mission gluten free tortillas and I can’t stand them. That so far is my biggest issue actually and for that, I guess I am glad.

I found a gluten free pasta that I love and also other stuff like gluten free soy sauce, pretzels, ice cream, etc. And I love that eating my fruits and veggies, as well as most of my dairy products are still possible for me. And of course knowing I can still eat meat is great, though now I have to watch what I season and marinade it with. So, if any of you has any advice, I am open to it!

I am aiming for a healthier and happier me! This is but one step towards that goal! Spring coming and becoming more active will certainly help as well. Bring on the walks to the park, kickball, summer bowling league, playing outside with my son, and just being able to get more Vitamin D, without freezing. 😉 I look forward to anything you wonderful people can share with me! And if I can help any of you who might just be starting this yourself, I will do what I can! ❤

Winter Can Be Kind Of Swell


Through the wind and the freezing rain

It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the pain

My knees are crying out to me

It would be best for us to rest, can you not see?


Tis the season when Bronchitis stalks me

I beg with all my might for it to flee

But like a stubborn child unwilling to submit

It decides it’s going to be something of a twit


Soon the snow will be here for a long unwanted stay

Though I ask it politely to leave, it won’t go away

Get out the shovels, coats, hats, gloves, boots, & snowbrushes too

Make way for slick roads, icy sidewalks, cold days, and say hello to the flu


Oh but it’s not as bad as I make it seem

See how upon the trees the snow gleams?

There’s sledding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and forts to build as well

Sometimes I admit, I suppose winter can be kind of swell


Reading a book all curled up under my favorite fuzzy blanket

And watching the Packers play on our awesome television set

Hot meals, hot cocoa, a warm fire, Christmas, and some cuddling too

It’s not so bad when I remember I get to spend it with you






Sometimes procrastination can be harmful…..


I was on yet another form of birth control and this one, like most of the ones I tried, made me gain weight. I didn’t start to do anything about it until recently. Because I waited so long, I am now 180, my asthma is the worst it’s ever been, it hurts to do simple things like tying my shoes, and so on. I am really starting to suffer way more than just my clothes not fitting right. I wish I’d have been proactive about this sooner. However, I have begun to workout at the gym with my boyfriend, am logging what I eat and drink each day, and have a few sessions with a personal trainer who has now come up with a workout plan that works for me. I am on the path to a better and healthier me. Take a tip from me, don’t wait too long, start working on a better you now, while you’re here to do so.

Virtual Dinner Party

Rick Mallery wrote a blog that I found fascinating and I thought perhaps I’d like to try my hand at the idea. If anyone else upon reading this wants to try, go for it and let me know so I can see who attended yours!

The rules are simple:

Throw a dinner party

– Five guests and oneself. While relatives are permitted, it will be more interesting if guests are public figures – dead or alive, speaking any language – or even fictional characters.

– In turn, tag five others to hold Virtual Parties of their own. I won’t tag anyone, but like I said, if you feel the urge to do this yourself, please do!

Menu: Look at the guest list and tell me who would have time to eat? I think we shall have a buffet so that everyone can have what they want and if they are fickle, they have a lot to choose from as their taste buds change throughout the evening.

Location: This gang could hang anywhere. In this instance, I have chosen the great city of Paris. I have always wanted to go there. We can see the Eiffel Tower from where we dine. We found a quiet place where we can eat, chat, and not be disturbed by the tourists.

My guest list shall comprise of: William Shakespeare, Audrey Hepburn, Emily Dickinson, Jewel Kilcher, and Antonio Vivaldi.

William Shakespeare


The world knows him for the many works he’s written. I have always found his works fascinating and thought that perhaps it’d be great to sit down with him and discuss literature and ask him where he got the ideas for Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, and so on. To get inside his brain would be most interesting indeed. And he and Emily could share their stories for inspiration. I think that he would see Audrey and perhaps see a muse and another sonnet would be written. He sits and absentmindedly eats at the fish in front of him, more engrossed with the conversation about art, literature, and music. He doesn’t mind sharing a few tales of his own.

Audrey Hepburn


The lovely lady sits down next to William, his eyes light up when she speaks. She tells us all about her work with UNICEF, the theater, and ways that she’d like to see the world better itself. Her heart is a compassionate one, one that hurts for the many who struggle. Jewel listens intently and begins jotting down lyrics on a napkin. Vivaldi hasn’t said much, for he can’t truly understand her, though he too was entranced by her charm and beauty. Emily seems to both admire her and have a certain disliking as well, though she never voices any ill thoughts she might have towards her. Audrey has a lot to say and it is she that does a lot of talking throughout the evening. I too find myself entranced by her passion for people. She didn’t eat much, she nibbled on the salad in front of her. Emily figured she was worried about her weight, though did admire her in the little black dress she wore.

Emily Dickinson


She is definitely one of the quietest of the group, though she has a lot to say with her eyes as she watches the group. Though when William turned his attention to her for part of the evening, she lit up. He’s been a major influence to her writing throughout the years. She had so much to ask him, so much she wanted to say to him. They spoke of literature for awhile and while it was intense, the rest of us simply listened. At times the mood was dark, but always intriguing. They wondered at one point if they might collaborate on a piece sometime in the future. Her plate was full of nothing but organic food, food she said should be natural, only what has been grown from the earth, not tainted by anything unnatural that could be harmful to our bodies. Listening to her talk about death, immortality, love, and humanity was most interesting and I had questions for her about her writing, which I waited to ask until her talk with William seemed to fade out. I asked them both about their ideals, the influences. Jewel was still writing on that napkin of hers, it by now was all the way unfolded and you could see the dark ink more than the white of the napkin.

Jewel Kilcher


The poet, singer, and songwriter spoke to us about love, the beauty of the world, and wanting to do more to help. Her and Audrey had shared quite a bit of conversation there. She sang to us for awhile as well. It was amazing, like a little concert just for us. I asked her if I might sing a little with her and she smiled that smile of hers and started to play her guitar once more and we sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz. After the music quieted, she asked if she might have Audrey’s napkin so that she could write some more as the mood would strike as hers was already full. Audrey handed it to her, after Jewel agreed to partner with her on a philanthropy project. In between writing lyrics and talking, she did manage to eat quite a bit of the pasta that was on her plate. She figured she’d just walk it off later.

Antonio Vivaldi


He was the most quiet throughout the evening, mostly just taking everything in. He admired the beauty of the ladies and the way that William could turn a phrase. For a part of the evening, he asked in his native tongue if he might play for us a little while. So while we ate and quietly talked, his violin produced such beautiful music. Earlier in the evening, he did ask if he might say grace. Whether anyone had an issue with it or not, no one argued with him. I didn’t understand a word of it, but it sounded beautiful. He ate a little bread, ciabatta I think was the closest they could get to what he was hoping to have. There was cheese, a little fruit, and with that he seemed satisfied. Listening to him speak, I imagined myself in Venice. Perhaps my next dinner party should be in Italy.

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