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A Monster Within


The wind howls fiercely

Lights flicker and windows rattle

Darkness looms

An eerie presence waits


As the storm rages on

The darkness grows stronger

Sorrow cripples

Shadows move within


“It’s almost time….”

Calls out a sinister voice

Evil clutches her soul

As she prepares to rise


Tired of being brought down

Fed up with being disappointed

Done with heartache

She follows the shadow down a dark path


Red colors her mind

All else before her turns to ash

Ready to claim the dark destiny that awaits

“Join me and never fall again…”


Monsters aren’t just in movies

Or in the books we read for fun

They’re lurking within

Offering to take away the pain


“Take away my sorrow and fear.”

She cries out loud to the shadow

“Rise with me and I shall….”

It extends its gentle hand and she accepts


As the darkness fills her soul, she smiles

Music fills the air and she dances

Swaying to the beat, feeling free

Unaware of the shackles on her soul


She’s handed over her light

In the hopes of escaping the pain within

And for awhile, it does dissipate

The high won’t last, but how wonderful it is


The monster within is satisfied in the moment

Darkness presented something so tempting

A hurting soul longing for something special

Found beauty within its promises


Some days, good does triumph

And then there days when it does not

As she delights in the evils caressing her skin

She lets loose a sensual sound


“Take me!” She moans

Pleasure fills every inch of her

As she climaxes, she grips him tightly

His form is very pleasing


“Surrender.” He whispers against her ear

“All of me is yours.” She smiles and licks her lips

Thrusting, their bodies move together with a magical rhythm

As she cries out in ecstasy, she climaxes again


Hours pass and then days

Her joy seemingly unending

Bliss colors everything

She’s hooked


With that look of hunger in her eyes

He knows he’s won completely

Grabbing her hips, he pulls her close

“You’re mine.” he says with certainty


As the weeks roll into months

She’s become addicted

Fully under a spell

Blissfully unaware


All is silent and dark yet

She finds herself alone

An ache comes over her

Nothing takes the pain away


She cries out for him


She’s in agony

Shaking, just begging for a fix


And like a merciful lord

He appears and injects her once more

Giving her just enough

Watching her succumb gives him joy


Body, mind, and soul belong to the darkness

Just another soul for it to devour over time

Its power grows with each victory

Be careful, you could be next.

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