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Beauty in the Storm


The sky powder blue only moments ago

Is now dark and the air has cooled

So that’s why my joints hurt so much today

There’s a storm coming and it’ll be soon!


I don’t much care for driving in the rain

But oh how I love to watch from my window

Sitting here quietly, my thoughts wander about with the thunder and lightening

There’s so much beauty in a summer storm


As the lightening flashes and the thunder crashes

My dreams dance along

The sky grows even darker still

And I hear the sound of the sirens


A tornado warning has been issued for our county

But instead of running for shelter

I continue to watch the storm in all its glory

I should be scared, but I just feel awestruck


Run and hide, you need to stay safe

Resounds a voice in my head

But my limbs feel unable to move

There’s just something mesmerizing about the sky tonight


Some find storms harsh and unkind

The damage they do sometimes is awful, it’s true

But there’s also good that comes from them too

Nourishment and rebirth from the rain is a wondrous thing


Some see this as a time to stay inside

As something to stay away from

And it’s true that there’s reason to worry

But I can’t help but find the beauty in it as well




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