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My Tribute to Wisconsin


From the land of the frozen tundra, I say hello

Where cheese is made & beer does freely flow

Born & raised in this place they call Wisconsin

This is where many of my friends are & also my kin


There are times when I dream of moving away

Because of the many cold & snowy days

But in the end, I find it difficult to leave this place

It’s like Cheers here, so many know my name & face


Those I hold most dear to my heart live here

So away from my home land, I am not ready to steer

And hey there are some beautiful sights here to see

Like spring time in Wisconsin, nature in its most wondrous glory


Come with me to Little Green and swim for awhile

Or let us go the Menomonee River Parkway & walk a few miles

See the ducks as they fly over Devil’s Lake

Or gaze upon the glorious sunrises in Cottage Grove as you wake


From Milwaukee all the way up to Green Bay & beyond

This is my home & of it I am quite fond

And even if I should ever from this place depart

Wisconsin will always be where I got my start


And know what no matter where I might be

I will always be loyal to my sports teams

Green & gold run deep within my veins each & every day

As does my love for the Brew Crew, no matter how bad we play


There’s just something about this place I call home

I have had plenty of chances to leave & yet from here I won’t roam

Perhaps someday I will find the strength to leave

But as you can see now, my love for my home is on my sleeve


Wisconsin, how I really do love you

Anyone who knows me knows this to be true

And as it has from the very start

So shall it always be that it has my heart


Comments on: "My Tribute to Wisconsin" (16)

  1. Haha! I live there too. I saw another poem that had to do with this time of year. It was a little more about “I would leave if I could, but I’m frozen to the ground.” So cold lately. And not a Bucks’ fan? 😉 Very cool. Heh, or cold. Freezing cold.


  2. I was raised in Wisconsin. I need a visit, I am missing people 🙂


    • CarissaMarie said:

      Really? Awesome! Where are you from? It would great if you visited your home state, eh? 🙂


      • I am from Merrill. I try to visit once a year, but missed last year


      • CarissaMarie said:

        I have lived in many towns & cities here, though the bulk of my time has been around the Milwaukee area. I did spend my adolescence in the Madison area and a couple neighboring towns. The Milwaukee to Green Bay & beyond symbolizes that, though I didn’t live in Green Bay, was actually in Appleton. So when did you move away from WI???


      • I moved away in ’86. I still have family and friends there. It will always be home. I love Madison, it is a perfect college town.


      • CarissaMarie said:

        Ha ha, it sure is! Yeah, if I ever leave WI….it will still be home for me too. 🙂


  3. I went once there in the dead of winter… I don’t remember green anything just whiteness and ice:)


  4. A few tweaks here and there and this could be an outstanding pub song–a tradition we should embrace more often here in the US. I feel the same way about my home region.


    • CarissaMarie said:

      Heh, a pub song eh? Cool! And yeah, I may complain about the weather sometimes, but it is my home and I love it. I am glad you feel that way about your home as well! A little home town/state pride is great!


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