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As our one year anniversary approaches, the events leading up to our getting together play in my mind. October 4th, 2012 is the day we shared our first kiss. That night changed everything for us. October 11th, 2012 was our first official date. I cooked dinner for him and then we went to see Trouble With The Curve starring Clint Eastwood. It was a good movie, by the way. We both enjoyed the evening and took our usual 1-2 hours saying goodnight. In the beginning, it was difficult for us to part ways. Going two to three days without seeing each other was weird for us and we never went more than two days without at least talking. It was so intense and wonderful. Where are we a year later?

Well, we don’t generally go more than 1/2 a day without seeing one another because we now live together. 😉 We make sure to find time each day to talk, usually after we’re both home from work. As the saying states, we have made sure to never go to bed angry. We talk about everything, both feeling that keeping the lines of communication open is important. We do not always agree on things, though usually we do. When we do disagree though, we do not put one another down, or fight about things. We each talk about why we feel the way we do while the other listens. When we can’t agree, we just agree to disagree and also to respect one another’s thoughts and feelings. Life is too short to sit there arguing over every little thing and we’d much rather spend our time enjoying it, not wasting it. When situations call for compromise, we’re able to do so, not always easy given that we’re both insanely stubborn and set in our ways. In the end though, we remember it’s not just about us as individuals, that we’re in this together.

Right now, he’s out of town spending time with some of his friends he’s known since high school. I will admit, it was difficult watching him go and even harder sleeping alone, since I am no longer used to that. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to go from one to the other. I remember when Doug and I started spending nights together, it took some getting used to. Much of my adult life, I have slept alone. It was a nice adjustment to make, but still difficult…sharing the bed, sharing the blankets, dealing with snoring….which we both do lol, and so on. He left two days ago and I told myself before he left that I would come up with ways to keep myself busy, besides work. I am at work right now actually, but have some down time and so I thought I would come and see what the world of WordPress is up to. 😉 Anyway…

So, since he’s been gone, I have watched Hunger Games and that is a movie I can watch often. He likes it, but unlike me, he doesn’t like to watch the same movies over and over, likes to take some time in between watching them again. So, usually when I am in the mood to watch it or one of my other favorites, I do it after work before he gets home or when he’s busy doing something else like running errands, working on the yard, fixing something, or helping a friend with car troubles. I also spent some time catching up on Facebook. That was the evening he left. Last night, I heated up leftovers and finally got around to watching the Disney movie, Brave, which I have owned for awhile and just haven’t taken the time to see it. I also worked on my son’s scrapbook and my own, getting them caught up to current. All of this was after spending some time at the gym with my personal trainer and showering. Tonight, I am having a few girl pals of mine over for a girls only night. I have pizzas, stuff for ice cream sundaes, taco dip that I made which is sitting in my fridge, and some girly drinks like apple pie for shots and chocolate wine. I am excited to hang out with a few of my girls, watch movies, chat, play games, and just relax.

The truth is, as much as Doug and I love one another, it is good for us to be apart now and then, good to be with our individual friends, to do the things that we enjoy that the other doesn’t, and so on. I think that is healthy for any relationship, even in friendships and family relationships. There needs to be a balance of time spent together and time spent apart, especially when you live together. I never tire of spending time with Doug, but yeah, it does feel nice to be out with my gals now and then and I know he’s enjoying his time with his chums as well. We talked for just a few minutes last night over chat and it was good to know he and a couple of his buddies made it safely to Maryland to their friend’s place and that they’re having a very nice time. They get to talk cars, play video games, watch more sports than even I care to watch, and so forth. (I do like sports, well just mostly football, though I have a fondness for baseball too….but not as gung ho about stats, who was traded where, and so forth as he is.) Tonight, us girls get to do our thing…not sure what we’re all going to do until they arrive and I find out what my company would like to do, but I can imagine much of it would make my boyfriend put his hand to his forehead. 😉 Like I said, this is good for both of us and then when he comes home on Monday, we’ll both be so excited to see one another again. Those five days will have felt like a month and yeah, passion will take over for awhile. 😉

But until he comes home, I am going to continue to make the best of my time. Tomorrow, clean up and relax for awhile, then it’s off to my son’s final football game of the year. Afterwards, I am taking him to dinner to spend one on one time with him before taking him back to his dad’s. It’s been a little difficult not seeing my son as often as usual, but I told his dad I’d work around his football schedule. Of the six games, I will have seen three at least and each time after, I am given time with him for awhile since he’s not been home in weeks and because I do make a long drive just to see him. Next weekend, he’ll be home again and the weekend after too, getting lots of time to make up for the time I gave up. Well, yeah, I am ready to see my son tomorrow and ready to cheer him and his team on as they take on an undefeated team. GO RAMS! I know it’s coincidence, but weird how they won when I have been there and lost when I haven’t….so come on, your “lucky charm” is coming to the game tomorrow, time to whoop some Bulldog butt. 😉 Anyway, after coming home, it will be time to go support some friends of mine who are playing together for the first time in years as we celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. Tomorrow is going to be EVENTFUL! Sunday is church, watching the Packer game, and then getting in one last night of watching girly movies.

Monday, I will go to work and then he’ll be home….just two days before our anniversary, which he told me when he left that he still hasn’t a clue what he’s going to do for it. 😉 I told him it doesn’t matter in the end, as long as we get to spend it together. What an interesting year it’s been. We were together for a month when his mom died and I had never gotten to meet her. Her wake/funeral was how I was introduced to his family. That was a trying time for everyone, especially him, his sisters, his dad, and her parents. My grandma that I had been taking care of had a stroke…only to find out this was her third, but not even she knew that. She was also diagnosed with Dementia. Things were difficult to say the least for my family as well, lots of fighting about what to do about her, her home, etc. We have stood by one another through all of that and through every financial woe, job issue, general daily strife, death in both families, sickness, and so on. Our relationship has been tested many times and I am sure it will continue to be, as I believe every relationship is….that’s when you find out what your relationship is made out of and how strong it really is. In this last year, there has also been so much joy, much to celebrate, and more love to share than I can even express in words. New jobs, raises, birthdays, family weddings, and so on….

What a year indeed and here’s to more to come…..


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