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Over the years, I have had quite the journey. I have been knocked down, taken others down with me, been helped up, and been blessed enough to help others get on their feet as well. I know my journey isn’t over, but I have come to realize lately that thus far I do have quite the tale to tell. I do view it as a success story, for I have come a long way from where I once was. While I still have time left, I aim to accomplish even more. Though right now I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge just how far I’ve come and may my story inspire those of you take a moment to read this.

A few times, I should have been dead and God saw fit to keep me here. He has told me my time isn’t up yet. What comes to mind the most are the car accidents in 1999 and 2000, they could have very well put me in my grave. The drugs I experimented with in my younger days could have easily sealed my fate, didn’t always know what my friends were handing me and just wanted to be cool, but too often that has led to people’s deaths. We take so many chances in life, some very careless and reckless chances….to be accepted by those around you or sometimes just for the very rush it gives you, the thrill of it all so to speak. Luckily thus far, I have survived everything. I know God has a reason for me to still be here and I am grateful for it. I hope that I continue to use my moments to do good for others, to inspire, and to be that beacon of light.

I made a mess of my life, so many mistakes. It wasn’t just hanging out with the wrong crowd, the drugs, or the constant partying that I did that I reflect on. I led, cheated, and stole my way through my younger days. I am not proud of who I was. I was constantly floating from job to job, moving around to be by people who made my life more interesting, and just not being willing to do what was expected of me. When my son was first born, I wasn’t there for him as I should have been. I knew I wasn’t ready and so I handed him to my mom. I saw him now and then, but not often enough. When his dad got involved, I was around a bit more, but still not enough. I gave his father temporary primary placement when he asked for it because I thought it was what was best at the time for our son. He made more money and had a more stable life. I wanted my son to have what I didn’t growing up, a parent who could provide and also be there for them. After awhile though, his dad started keeping him from me and I just let him do that. It took me years to finally step up and then I had a fight on my hands just so I could get the time with my boy that both he and I wanted.

That fight helped me grow up a lot. It was stressful and took years to resolve. It wasn’t the outcome I wanted, but it was better than what we’d had. Instead of wondering when and if I’d get to see my son, there is now a schedule on paper that has to be followed. His dad and I tweak it as needed, but it’s something we work together on now, instead of fighting. It’s nice to know when I will see my son, it eases both of our minds a bit. That road was a bumpy one, but I needed to travel it to grow. I am proud of myself for finally growing up and doing what needed to be done. Fighting for your rights as a parent is tough, but your child(ren) need to come first and spending time with them is so important. There was a time to be young, naive, foolish, and irresponsible. That time for me is over. I have my moments of being immature and silly, but it never compromises my tasks at hand that need to be done. We all need to be youthful from time to time, but remember to balance that out with adulthood. 😉

The other big milestones that come to mind is the whole house gutting/cleaning project and now taking care of my grandma. Those helped me mature in ways I can’t properly describe. When it got tough, someone had to step up and do what needed to be done. There were moments when we wanted to throw our hands up and be done, just give up on the house. I would get angry and then the determination would set in. I’d talk to my mom and re-inspire her and we’d get to it. We had some help in the beginning and a bit at the very end, but largely this task was taken on by my mom and myself. Gutting and cleaning my grandma’s home was a daunting project. My grandpa grew up here, so imagine just how much stuff there was to go through. His childhood was spent here, much of my mother’s and uncle’s were spent here too, some of mine, and also some of my son’s. Years and years of stuff had to be pitched, deciding what could and should be saved wasn’t really easy.

My uncle and grandma had done so much damage in the last 16 years though, that was the worst part. My uncle and myself, we moved in a week apart in 1996. He was going through a divorce and was only blocks from his sons if he stayed here, so Grandma let him stay here to save him money since he was to pay support on four children. My mom convinced her to let me stay here just before my 18th birthday so that she could go live with her boyfriend. At first, it was manageable for me to keep up after them. They both worked and it gave me the time to clean. But each time I moved away and came back, it got messier and harder for me to deal with. The last time I moved out, I swore I was never coming back. The place had gotten so bad I couldn’t deal with it anymore, it had become too much for me to clean, to keep up. But, last summer I realized something needed to be done. They’re hoarders, but that wasn’t my problem. What was is that my grandma’s health was being jeopardized and someone needed to do something. My mom and I put calls into the Dept. of Aging and they began the process of getting my grandma help. She had to be hospitalized because as it had turned out, she hadn’t been taking her medicine in over a year, she was also severely dehydrated because she was drinking mostly soda, some milk, but no water. Her blood pressure was through the roof and she needed help. During her stay, I called the city and they inspected the house. It didn’t take long before the lady knew it had to be locked up, it was unsafe because of the roaches, the pet dander, the mold, the raw food everywhere, the filth. She later worked with us to have our own locks put on the doors so we could start coming to gut, clean, and repair. After Grandma was released, she went to an assisted living place on a temporary basis and then to my other uncle’s home in MN while we worked on the home.

So the home project began and as I said, it was rough. It took three months from the day Grandma went into the hospital to get the house good enough for the city to lift the restrictions and let Grandma come home. In that three months, my one uncle here was told by us he had to go elsewhere because the two of them can not be allowed to live together because they enable each other to be messy and to be compulsive buyers. It was said that I would move in and take care of Grandma. It was stressful and there were fights. He’s been staying with a friend since he came home from working Scout Camp all summer to find his home had been locked up. It seems to be working for him. Anyway, so I moved in a couple of days before she came home and the first month together wasn’t that bad. We got along most of the time and she worked with me on taking her medicine, bathing two to three times a week when she hadn’t been bathing at all before, etc. We’d run errands together, eat meals together, and made the situation work.

A month later, she had a stroke and then we found she’d had others and no one knew, not even her. November 27th, 2012 is a day I won’t soon forget. Since that day, nothing has been the same. Her falling got worse, her speech lapses in and out, her memory is even worse than before, etc. A couple of weeks ago, I was told she has Dementia. I was also told that her good days are going to become fewer and fewer as time progresses. I have already noticed the decline and it’s become very difficult for me to bear at times. I thank God for His continued strength and for the support He’s given me in the people who have been there for me through this. I have pretty much toddler proofed the house for a grown adult. She is no longer allowed to use the stove because she’s left it on, ruins pots and pans, and makes a huge mess. She has tried to once recently, but I was home and stopped her. I then cooked the egg for her, told her I am supposed to do this. Sometimes she forgets and I also think her stubbornness comes into play too, just hard to tell which it is at times. She leaves the water running, the refrigerator door open, messes on the floor, has pooped on the floor a couple of times now, etc etc. I have now hidden all of our sharp knives and have taken to using only plastic cups. When we had our bathroom redone by my boyfriend’s dad and company, we had grab bars installed…both on the outside and inside of the tub. We also have a shower now, so she doesn’t have to try to lay down in the tub anymore. There are nightlights throughout the house because I noticed her most dangerous falls were happening at night when she wouldn’t turn on a light. I have a separate trash bin for her Depends and take those out to keep the ammonia odor out of the house, do all of the cleaning….including her laundry which I have to do every few days because she likes to try to wear the same thing for days and/or puts the dirty clothes back in the drawer.

Some days I want to scream, to give up, to just be done. I keep pulling through the best that I can. We are having the Dept. of Aging in to evaluate her again however. She’s become a danger to herself and I can’t be around all the time. She needs to be somewhere where there will always be help should something happen. Until things change though, I am going to keep doing the best I can for the woman who has given me so much. I do feel that I have needed this experience to grow, to mature. I have been told by many that love me that I should be very proud of myself for how far I have come, for all I do for my grandma. I am, I know it’s not easy. I am not a caregiver by nature, not in the least. I have an enormous amount of respect for those who do this day in and day out for a number of people. I tip my hat to you! I do what I do because it’s for my grandma, for a woman who supported me through so many ups and downs, a woman who never gave up on me, a woman who has believed in me and my potential when many others didn’t.

I am still looking for work, but I am not just sitting idly by until then. I do take care of Grandma, but I am also now doing side work for my boyfriend’s dad to earn money. He owns his own business, builds houses, renovates, repairs, etc. He totally redid our bathroom. He and the people he contracted for the plumbing, electric, and drywalling did an amazing job. Well, anyway, he’s getting so busy and needs help keeping up with paperwork, dropping off plans to contractors, etc. I learned how to use Quick Books yesterday and know a lot already! I am going to be of a great service to him, save him a lot of time he said. Ah, but it is he that is being of great service to me, I feel. I suppose we’re helping one another, as God calls us to do. It’s a win/win for us both.

Currently, my life isn’t so bad when I really look at it. I have time with my son now, set on paper. We’re very close and am grateful for our time together. I cherish our bond, one that has never gone away, despite the rough times. I love my kiddo so much! I have been given multiple chances to grow and mature. I am giving back to an amazing woman by taking care of her. It is so stressful sometimes, but it’s rewarding knowing I can be there for her when she needs me. I have an outstandingly wonderful boyfriend who has been such a stronghold for me. We celebrate six months together next Tuesday. 🙂 I can’t even begin to express the joy he brings into my life and how grateful I am for his love and support. I also have some fiercely loyal and loving friends as well who have been so supportive with everything….letting me vent when I have a rough day, pointing me in the right direction with my job search, making me laugh and smile, telling me how proud they are of me, and just being so totally stellar. My mom has been great through all of this too and I’d like to think we’re a lot closer now than we ever have been because of it. I have been thoroughly enjoying my time spent on WordPress. Again, you guys and dolls have inspired me more than you know and I thank you for that. Knowing I have inspired and lifted others spirits as well has been so humbling. That was why I was encouraged to join and every day, I am reminded of why I am glad I did. My writing is getting out there and it’s helping others, so beyond blessed is how I feel about that. I have a job of sorts that allows me to help someone I care about and it helps me to feel productive and needed beyond my own home.

Throughout life, it’s not always beautiful, but it’s definitely been quite the ride. I am thankful for every experience, good and bad. It’s all shaped me into who I am and has brought me into contact with some amazing people. I am not where I am meant to be, but nor am I where I once was. I think though that can always be said, for the till the day we die…we are always changing, growing, and moving forward. This is my success story, of sorts, as it stands now. Of course there will be changes as time goes by, but I did want, as I said, to take a few moments to be grateful for how far I have come and where I am at now. Now is huge, we must remember that because we don’t know how many more “now” moments we will have. ❤

Comments on: "A Success Story, Of Sorts" (6)

  1. There’s just so much I want to comment on here and this all blows me away! Your poor Grandma and poor you! I know it’s an honor and you would want to be there most days. Sometimes, you need to take time for you though so you don;t get worn out. So you had to clean a hoarder house? I’m just not sure I could have done the same thing. Maybe you said and I didn’t catch it but did your mom help you clean the house?

    I took care of my great aunt back when I was in my 20’s and had a 4 year old. She used to use the rest room on the floor too. Poor thing got so confused and she’d be so upset with herself but she honestly thought the floor was the bathroom. We had to place her in a nursing home after that because I also had to work and take care of my baby. I just couldn’t do it anymore but I can tell you the feeling of guilt I had after she was taken from our home! SO sad. I almost couldn’t go visit her because I felt like she blamed me for abandoning her. I would urge you NOT to feel this way when the time comes.

    BTW… I’ve heard that Quickbooks can be pretty intense! Good job for beginning to master it! When I was able to work, we used Quatro Pro… talk about confusing! lol I learned it though, barely. lol

    You’ve got so much to be proud of yourself for. Just please take time for YOU before you have a meltdown. I wonder if you are able to see that you’re being spread thin? I ask that because sometimes when we’re smack in the middle of everything, we feel like it’s all normal. What you’re going through with Grandma alone is so much but I applaud you for having it all under control! (((hugs))) You really ARE a success story!


    • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

      I didn’t have time to properly respond to your comment when I first saw it, but I have a little time now to catch up. 😉

      My mom did help me a lot with cleaning my grandma’s house. Her and I really helped one another get through this.

      Yeah, I know I am being spread too thin. I am trying very hard to find me time, ways to get through, time to rest and rejuvenate, and spend much time in prayer for her and for myself. I know the time is coming for her to be put into a home, but when that happens, I will visit her often. I don’t want her to think I shipped her off somewhere and suddenly don’t care anymore.

      I am proud of myself because I know this has made me more responsible, more mature. It’s really helped me grow. I am not yet where I want to be, but nor am I where I once was. This has just been another series of lessons and I needed to learn. I know this was something I have had to go through so that I could grow. Thank you for the kind words, for the encouragement, for the love. Your comment really touched me, so much.


      • Aww! NONE of us are where we want to be because every breath gets us one step closer to being who we were born to be. I really believe we don’t achieve being who we’re supposed to be until the day we die. (hope that made sense! lol).

        Your Grandma will be just fine. I think there’s always a little depression when they have to go into a place like that but you know it’s for their own safety. I truly hope I’m gone LONG before I have the need for a nursing home. Or at least completely crazy so I don’t know what’s going on. It’s a tough decision for you and a sad road for your grandma… it’s just life though. We had to place my wonderful aunt in a nursing home (demensia and Parkinson’s). I know a little of the road you’re having to walk down.


      • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

        Yeah, it made sense. That is how I feel, none of us are done growing, learning, or changing until we die. It’s an on going process. 😉

        It’s not an easy road, but I know what we’re doing is for the best for her. I told everyone I would take care of her for as long as I could, till it became too much for me to do alone. For her safety, this needs to be done and I know that. It does eat me up a bit inside, never wanted this for her, but I know she needs 24/7 care now and that’s just not something I can give her. I constantly worry any time that I am out running errands, going on job interviews, picking up my son, or just doing anything that keeps me away from home for awhile that she will get severely hurt or maybe have another stroke. So yeah, I know it’s rough, but I know we’re doing what’s best for her. Her well being means a lot to me and I’d rather her be upset with me than for me to come home or downstairs to find her hurt or worse, dead. I’d rather know she’s somewhere where there is a staff of people who know how to handle her, who know how to take care of her. And I will make sure she’s not just abandoned, I will visit her often and I know my uncle who lives in town will do, like he did for his dad, my grandpa. I know my mom would make time to come into town now and then too. I will not let her think her family suddenly doesn’t care. Things will be alright.


  2. You should be proud for coming this far.


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