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My dear friend Ionia has tagged me in a little game and I decided since at this very moment I have time to participate that I will. I first invite all of you reading this to check out her blog. I respect her a great deal and want to say that she is truly amazing. 🙂

So on with the game, I must post the rules and here they are:

1. Post these rules. (done)
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you. (done)
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. (done)
5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged. (done)

11 facts about me:

1. I like the number 11.

2. 173 is my high score at bowling and I just got that a few weeks ago!

3. My son will be 11 this year, in November.

4. I don’t like winter and wish spring would hurry up. 😉

5. I will be 35 this year and like to joke about running for president. In all honesty, I probably won’t run since being a political figure doesn’t suit me, though I do think I could do a very good job.

6. I love football, especially the Green Bay Packers. (American Football for those reading this that aren’t in the U.S.)

7. Tinkerbell is awesome, am currently wearing a shirt with her on it. 😉

8. I love musicals.

9. Chai tea, it is amazing, or at least I think so. 😉

10. I want to one day have traveled to all 50 states.

11. I still watch the Disney channel!

Now to answer the questions given to me by Ionia:

1.  Who tells you you’re crazy?

Who doesn’t would be a better question. 😉

2. What makes you mad faster than anything else?

Bad driving and general rudeness.

3.  Big family or small family?

Hmm, big if you count my extended family. My dad had nine sisters, one passed away nearly six years ago though. Five of the nine had kids, so I believe I have 13 first cousins and many of them now have kids. My mom just has two brothers, but they both had four kids each. I just have two half brothers and a half sister, but my one brother has three kids and my sister has three. I have my son. It’s confusing when I really think about it. 😉

4. How many pets and what kind?

Currently, none. I have had cats in the past though.

5.  Best place you’ve ever eaten

I can’t narrow it down to one place! 😉 I really like La Fuentes for a good Mexican dish, but Conijetos is good too. I love Barbiere’s for Italian. There are a few places that have amazing pizza like Piccolo’s. Hmm. I love food….

6. Most annoying song you’ve ever heard

Ugh, there are a few….most of them are rap…..

7. Dumbest thing you’ve ever said to someone

I am not sure as I have said a lot of dumb things lol. I have a habit of talking faster than my brain can compute, same with typing. 😉

8. Age you were at first kiss.

I was 12 when I had my first kiss and 18 when I had my first french kiss.

9. What did you want to be when you were little?

A singer, an actress, a Broadway star, and an author….

10. What did you grow up to be?

A mom who is now going back to school so that I can get a proper career instead of floating from job to job. I am studying Business Administration, specializing in Accounting.

11.  What is your favorite quote?

I have several. “Actions speak louder than words.”, “Character is jewel polished by adversity.”, Embrace your next mistake, because it’s your next chance to grow.”, and “Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one can hear you, love like you’ve never been hurt, and live each day like it’s your last because you never know how long you have.” are just a few I wanted to share.

11 questions that I will ask those I choose to tag…..

1. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?

2. What town & country were you born in?

3. What is something you HATE to eat?

4. What is a talent you wish that you had or that you were better at?

5. Why did you join WordPress?

6. What is one of your most favorite dishes to make/eat?

7. Where is somewhere you haven’t been that you’d like to travel to?

8. What animal do you think best suits your personality?

9. Do you like sports, if so…what is your favorite to watch?

10. Have you ever played a musical instrument, if so…what and if not, what you play if you could be taught?

11. What do you think your best qualities are?

Now I must tag a few people and let them know they have been tagged. If you don’t want to, I won’t be offended, but I sure do hope you choose to so I can get to know you a little better! So here are the people I choose to participate:







To anyone else reading this, feel free to participate and keep this going!


Comments on: "Let’s play a little game…" (17)

  1. Great answers! Thank you for participating this was actually a lot of fun.


  2. Carissa – thanks for tagging me. I will have to think carefully about how to answer.
    Plus – I’ve been reluctant to post a self-pic up until now. But perhaps the time has come…
    PS your link to Ionia is missing a colon http(:)//readfulthingsblog.com… 🙂


    • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

      Well, I look forward to what you have to say! 🙂 And I hear ya on the pictures, but hopefully you’ll find yourself ready to finally show us, to put a face with your words! Hmm, I just copied and pasted the link weird, well thanks for letting me know!


    • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

      Fixed and while I was at it, checked the links for the rest of you and saw another that needed to be fixed, so thanks again for pointing that out!


  3. I will be in touch..yes I want to play!


  4. These are some great answers. You have a cool personality.


    I will join in on this…:0

    P.S please check out my new blog poem. Inputs are most appreciated. 🙂
    Dj Dead Cow -http://charliezero1.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/dj-dead-cow/


    • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

      Thank you! 🙂 I look forward to reading yours! I will check out your new blog momentarily!


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  7. Carissa
    I’ve just passed on the ‘little game’ to some of my followers – see http://andrewtoynbee.wordpress.com/ for the result and my answers to your questions. 😀


  8. Thank you for the tag. I got my answers up!. It was fun to do!


  9. Carissa I am going to do this if you don’t mind! 🙂


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