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HA! Did I ever need to see this post or what? It seems God is placing the right blogs in front of me today! God has a plan and His timing may not match mine, but it is His that I must follow. So trust His timing, keep faith, work hard, and things will happen as they’re meant to.


Comments on: "Trust God and Trust His Timing" (4)

  1. SO true! I tell this to people ALL the time but it’s hard to apply it to me, you know? lol Always better at giving advice than taking it. This is the prayer I say every morning, when I ask God to take away the pain that I feel because I don’t have my daughters in my life anymore. I ask him to make me patient knowing that HE has perfect timing. Thanks for putting this out there 🙂

    How have YOU been lately? This blogging world has become crazy for me and I haven’t had enough time to keep up with everyone. I saw you on Shaun’s posts and it reminded me to come over and check out what’s been happening with you. I haven’t forgotten about you though.


    • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

      And nor have I forgotten about you! I sure have missed you!

      Well. Thanks to my awesome boyfriend, I am going to be going back to school, first official day ironically enough is his birthday. 😉 I will be studying Business Administration, specializing in Accounting. I am almost done bowling in two leagues, but been having fun with that. My son comes home today for the weekend and then next week for his Spring Break….EXCITED! There is so much going on, keeping busy, and am very blessed and happy. How about you?


      • Awww! I’m SO glad that your bf is so supportive and I’m EXCITED about you going to school again. You’re going to feel SO good about yourself for accomplishing this. AND I’m happy about your son coming home for a while 🙂 Be sure and through some fun things into the visit. I don’t think we spend NEARLY enough time having fun with or kids. I know I REALLY need to work on this.

        Me? It would take a book to fill you in 😦 It’s been crazy but I’m trying to make the best out of it. Life isn’t always good but good things come from the bad.


      • ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

        Yeah, I am going to feel really good about myself when this is all finished. I already feel better just starting the whole thing! 🙂 It’s a huge step that took me long enough to take! I am going to be doing as much as I can with my kiddo this weekend, have a lot planned already. We all definitely could work on that, how much time we spend interacting with them, going to be working on that this weekend!

        I am sorry you have had a crazy go of it lately, but you’re right…good things can come from bad experiences. I will keep you in my prayers! Good is in store for you, dear friend! 🙂


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