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Ever Changing



Standing in front of the mirror

I see the changes

Old versions of me shed themselves

Without even noticing at the time

That was what pain, determination, and love did to me


A year from now, there will be more changes

As yet more of my old skin flakes off

Even weeks from now

Perhaps even tomorrow

Ever growing, ever evolving


I am not the girl I once was

And nor am I the girl I will be

Always in between

Change and growth are necessary

Learning, falling, planning, loving, living


My core is still the same

What I hold dear hasn’t changed

Morals and values, most in tact

But many views have changed

And how I treat others and myself certainly has


I have a deeper appreciation for the now

Not clinging so tightly to the past

Or worrying and obsessing as much about tomorrow

It still happens from time to time

But I have certainly come a long way


I appreciate the time I have

For I know my flame could be snuffed at any moment

And I value the time with those I have left more than before

Mortality has reared its ugly head too many times for me not to

Time is precious, so sad we don’t often realize that till so much of ours is gone


Here I am still

Hoping to convey once more

A little more of myself to you

So that you may come to know me

Hear my song now, for it has changed since I last sung it


Listen closely

See the old layers of me at my feet

Look into my eyes now

Do you see the changes

Does my heart sound different?


Can you sense the changes to come?

It’s always so scary and intense

Even when it’s great

Change is a little intimidating

But embrace it I do


Take my hand

Feel the passion in my touch

As seasons change, so do many things

But through them all

I want you next to me for as long as each of us has


Comments on: "Ever Changing" (12)

  1. Wonderful 🙂


  2. This is truly inspirational , made me cry xx


  3. ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

    Ha ha, probably! Though I will try to get some sleep at some point tonight. 🙂


  4. I love this.
    It kind of reminds me of myself.

    Thank you for sharing., loved it x


  5. ramblingsofabipolarwoman said:

    I am glad it reached to a part of you, that you liked it. Thank you for your support!!! Keep changing, growing, and blogging. 😉


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