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Are You With Me?

Staring through the hourglass of time

Looking at the past

No longer wishing to change things

Accepting what was

Both the good and the bad


Once upon a time

I wished I could rewrite my past

Change things that I did

Take back things I’d said

Not know some that I had


What has been written

Can not be taken back

The ink has dried

The chapters are closed

There’s just no going back


Today is a different matter

Here, I have choices still

To think before I speak

Examine the paths that lay before me

Evalute my options before I act


The past can teach me

Influence current decisions

Help me to avoid making the old mistakes

Just as long as I don’t dwell upon them

And that I remember to live now


So much of tomorrow is uncertain

I contemplate what might be

Where I will end up

When my life ends

Will it have been a good life?


It’s okay to plan ahead

To think of tomorrow

But sometimes I get lost in the years that lay ahead

Wondering, worrrying, dreaming

It’s hard to keep the voices in my head quiet


But living in tomorrow is dangerous too

It’s okay to remember the past

And to dream about tomorrow

They both play a major role

I just can’t lose sight of what is


As I silence each voice

Find the peace within

I see that hourglass

Tears flow

It’s hard some days


But I know I don’t live there anymore

I am here

2013, not 1993

2013, not 2043

I am here


The grains of sand flow from above

As each moment passes

I see each memory in fine detail

Each thought

Every laugh, tear, smile, fear


I plan to make the most of each moment I have


While I have breath in me

To make my life one of importance



I am not promised tomorrow

Or even an hour from now

I am here now

Telling you all how I feel

The shame and regrets are gone


The mistakes have been made

More will follow

But in this moment

I tell you this

I love you


That is my greatest gift

One with no strings attached

No price tag

I give you what I have always had

And always will


I will have money

Be in a better place once more

And I may yet again suffer financial strains

I will be sick

I will hurt


But I will always be me

With my heart on my sleeve

Don’t mistake that for weakness

It is unconditional

But only to those whose love is just as true


I wish to forgive

To be forgiven

To heal

To keep moving forward

Are you with me?


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